2021 It Was A Great Opportunity To Be Missed On The Weather

Stopping deforestation is another quick way, says Foley. Decaying trees in the dying forest emit carbon dioxide, while healthy forests carbon dioxide in trees and in the ground. But this is not as simple as throwing seeds in a field and calling it a day. Ecosystem it needs to grow again to its former glory of biodiversity, which will make it more resilient to climate change than to plant only one single-crop plant.

Another obscure method of climate change may be to inform people about the use of electricity. Of all the pains that the plague inflicted on the people, it showed a way to reduce energy, especially for those who had the opportunity to work from home. In the United States, electricity is very popular when people get home from work and start cooking and running their own weapons. It is the time when the sun goes down, when the sun’s power goes down. Since there are no major sources of renewable energy to be used on demand, power supplies must be rotated to achieve the initial fuel efficiency.

But in the future, job fluctuations may mean more power flexibility: Instead of paying for their EVs and operating the laundry when they get home, most people are able to do the work during the day, when demand is minimal and the sun is shining. “The more sun we have, the more electricity we will have in the afternoon,” says Patricia Hidalgo-Gonzalez, director of Renewable Energy and Advanced Mathematics Lab at UC San Diego. “So if we can move as much of our energy as possible to match the record of renewable energy, then it is the best way we can integrate solar energy at a much lower cost.”

However, Foley suggests that personal change is not enough to minimize it. And no one wants to go back to the world of closed business and limited mobility. “Having everyone stay home, with other people being laid off, and a lot of financial work not happening is probably not the way we want to destroy the world,” says Foley.

Some of the major upgrades – such as grid upgrades, air conditioning, and other systemic changes – should be followed only by governments. But Foley suggests that some will work better if the government cooperates with consumers and puts in the money to support good elections. “The government does not know how to control its spending,” says Foley. We throw in a lot of money and often get frustrated after that. That is why I am so fascinated by so many small experiments instead of big ones to get all the attention. ”

Consider, for example, the government’s ability to encourage landowners to adopt green technology, which in the past has been a factor in using tax returns and tax deductions to speed up the purchase of solar panels. Says Foley: “The government has not made the solar system cheap. “But the government has helped by raising more money along the way.” Now, he thinks, similar types of tax breaks and other incentives can be converted to other devices, such as heat pumps, which transfer heat inside and outside the house instead of absorbing heat. making heat. Heat pumps do not burn oil like an oven, so they can run with clean energy, and work well, saving homeowners. hundreds of dollars a year.

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