How to Use Technology to Say Thank You

Companies like Animoto, WeVideo and Kapwing provide templates and detailed instructions to enhance your video. Some offer a free color, but their logo will appear on the finished color only if less than five minutes.

If you are not comfortable in front of the camera, let someone else speak. Online services like Kameo and reputation provide personalized video messages from both well-known and well-known personalities, comedians, runners and YouTube experts. You are giving details, and they create greetings.

Mix Digital With Traditional

One note can make an impression. A few cards and pictures can create interest. Boombox incorporates material elements that reflect digital appreciation and freedom in making a note. When a customer provides an email address to their participants, the company sends a request for messages and photos. In less than four weeks, the recipient receives a box full of cards and pictures. This service can be good for a group of thanks from family to parent, or high school students thanking a teacher before graduating. They also give a digito and up to 50 digital cards for customers.

When developing your message, do not be afraid to put it at risk. It is a great way to connect the sender with the recipient. “There may be people out there who have had a positive impact on your life, and you haven’t seen them in two years,” says Nancy Davis Kho, author of the book. Acknowledgment Work: Developing Appreciation One Letter At A Time. Just imagine the magical encouragement for the person to receive from your thank you message. “

Also, pay attention to nitty-gritty. Details are the issue when you are trying to attract attention or form a relationship with a new client. “My name is Diane,” says Gottsman, “and even people I have known for a long time have sent me a letter calling me Diana. That is a roadblock. ”

Create a Scrapbook

After my nephew’s wedding four years ago, his new wife collected photographs of the event and made a memorable cover book to thank her parents, grandparents, and grandparents. And you do not need a masterpiece to create a memorable scrapbook. Companies like Snapfish, Mixbook, and Pinhole Press reduce this process by providing image templates. Groovebook provides a soft cover book with up to 100 4-by-6 images with edges to share photos.

You can also create a digital memory book through 1stFlip and Memletz. Their work includes templates, music, and backgrounds to help you create and record images on an online disc.

Printed Thanks – No Meaning

When Davis Kho began his career of appreciation, he wrote each letter and signed it. Later, he printed them and bound them in a book. He says: “You keep a copy of every letter you send because you finally have a personal notebook. When you are upset, you can look at them and realize that you are not alone.

E-cards have been popular for many years, but you can still use technology to send paper cards that do not leave your home or office. Last summer, Hallmark Cards announced its launch Sign & Send service. Customers select a card online, handwrite a message on a piece of paper, take a picture on their phone and place it on the website. You provide the recipient’s address, Hallmark stamps and send the card at no extra cost.

No Expiration Thanksgiving Day

What do you do if you have waited a long time to send a thank you but you want to do so? “Just know you’re late,” Gottsman said. Say, ‘I’m sorry for the delay, thank you, but I really understand.’

Davis Kho admits: “It was not long before we made that decision with gratitude. You could simply say, ‘I’m sorry it’ took so long, and it doesn’t show that I really appreciated the gift. ‘”People will remember you for being grateful, not for being late.

No matter how much you thank someone, remember that your thoughts and efforts are important. “Small things are the most powerful,” says Godkin. Fortunately, with so many different options available, it is easy to share your appreciation with someone. Best of all, unlike Jimmy Fallon’s thank-you note, no audience is needed.

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