How to Disable AirPods Siri Advertising Notifications (2021)

Few things more annoying than when Siri steals your AirPods to read aloud several messages while listening to an exciting part of a podcast or good music. Side allows Siri to publish iMessage notifications, Reminders, and third-party applications (such as Slack, Snapchat, Twitter, WhatsApp, etc.) via AirPods, Beats, and CarPlay. You can also respond to hands-free notifications.

In theory, it seems very useful, but for those who like to receive a lot of information at once (from things like busy chat rooms or Twitter responses), it can be annoying. Although it is not turned on automatically, you can accidentally turn it on via pop-up connecting new AirPods (or Beats) or upgrading to iOS 15. I have covered. If (for any reason) this prompts you to change the format pa, we will guide you that way again.

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How to Disable Notifications

You can turn off this function using your iPhone or iPad. Ability to manage Siri announcements and a little buried within the Settings menu, but you can find them in a few simple ways.

  1. Open Preferences and click Notifications.
  2. Click on Announce notifications and change the form to turn it off.

After that, you are ready! You no longer have to worry that Siri has loaded your AirPods with lots of notes, reminders, and any other notifications.

If you do not want to turn off the form completely, you can turn off the Headphones feature especially under Announce When Connected. Instead, Siri simply announces notifications via CarPlay (if your car is supported). But you can turn it off too. Here is how:

  1. Inside Announce Notifications pompani CarPlay
  2. Remove Announce Messages

You also have the option of adding tiles to the Control Center, allowing you to turn on and off as you wish without having to dig the Settings menu. You can add a tile by:

  1. Open Preferences and tap Control Center.
  2. Scroll down to More reviews to Announce Notifications
  3. Click on the green extra button

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