How To Set Up Your New Xbox Series X / S

If you have succeeded to get your hands on an Xbox Series X-or, too much, Series S — you probably want to start playing. But you know how it happens; there is work to be done before jumping on the bandwagon. This is what you need to do (and how to reduce it).

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Start with the Xbox Mobile App

We’ve already talked about How to Use Xbox Mobile App for Android and iOS once you set up your console, but you do not want to wait for it to install. It’s an easy way to set up your new Xbox, as it gives you the opportunity to write Wi-Fi passwords on your phone instead of having a controller and keep changing your preferences while the machine downloads the background settings.

As soon as you connect your console for the first time, you will be given a 10-letter code that you can insert into the mobile app to continue installing. Once connected to Wi-Fi, the app will guide you through your choice of preferences – such as power saving options, instant access, or remote features such as playing games from your computer to your phone.

Add Accounts and Controls

The initial setup prompts you to sign up for a Microsoft account to purchase and download games. But if more than one person uses the connector, you can easily share by sharing accounts with each administrator. Then, when someone wants to use the Xbox under their account, they can simply grab their controller and start playing. (Don’t worry, you can easily change your profile if your boss dies and you have to borrow someone else’s.)

To assign new accounts to your other administrators, click the Xbox button, header Profiles & settings> Settings> Tools & links> Accessories. Here, you will see all the controllers integrated into the system. Choose a three-dot menu under which you want to share, select “Given to…”And log in to the Microsoft account of the person you want the controller to belong to.

Connect From Your Old Console

For the most part, syncing data to your new console is easy. As long as you log in to your Xbox account on your old console, your game console should sync with the new one. You will also be able to download games in your library.

However, it is possible for some data to be transferred on. Some games are not compatible with cloud save, and there is not much you can do about it. If you need more information on the game, you can look it up to make sure the content is stored on the old computer by highlighting the game, pressing the menu button, and browsing. Edit games with extras. Additionally, if you want to transfer games save data from your old Xbox 360 playback game, you can do this again, although you have to start it manually (and you will need to register for Xbox Live Gold).

Start (with Balance) 4K, HDR, and 120 Hz

A new generation of consoles and monsters that can handle 4K, HDR, and 120 Hz games, sometimes all at once. Most TVs that support this should be self-aware, but you can watch them and turn them on Profile & settings> Settings> Information, if he has not.

However, depending on the game you are playing, you may want to consider choosing and deciding which of these items you can unlock. For example, 4K frames with 120 frames per second can add great demand, as well as on games that support ray exploration, the problem only gets worse. Disabling one of these preferences may improve the performance of others. While some games allow you to make decisions within the game, you can also set your own preferences here if, say, 60 fps is enough for you.

Download Your Games (ASAP)

Once settled, you can access all the games you purchased in the My Games & Apps console section. But that is not all you can find here. There are also links to access any of the games you claim via Xbox Live Gold, and games you can download via Xbox Game Pass. If you have both subscriptions, you have many responsibilities, but it can also be a daunting task to get everything you want to download.

It is advisable to start as soon as you can because downloading takes time. You may also want to open the console before giving a gift to get started. AAA’s most popular games can be tens of gigabytes-Halo: Unlimited, for example, is about 50 GB for multiplayer and campaign-independent. The last thing anyone wants to do is stay on their first day with the contractor waiting for the release, to get you started, is fine.

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