How To Get Easy, Graphic Design With Your Phone

Larrow also recommends taking the same image for 15 minutes a day for a week or two, including the sessions being half an hour each day if necessary. The advice given to trans friends who are on the way to transition and trying to figure out how to create and draw themselves is helpful to everyone: Find the fun light and learn for yourself in it. Try things out and ask yourself what your picture shows.

Get the Right History

You do not need a beautiful recording studio. A little production can go a long way. “I shoot 99 percent of my artwork in my closet, I just put my $ 19 spot I found on Amazon, hang a white cloth on top of it, and have fun,” says Silva.

She also loves to keep the color, going to fabric stores every few months to pick up pieces that inspire her. They recommend buying pieces that are about one yard wide by two or three yards. Not only cheaper than a 9-foot seamless back cover, it takes up little storage space.

If you have black hair, Larrow says, use a more natural look. Otherwise, there is a good chance your hair will fall out. If you are wearing bright colors, it is better to take yourself (and your selfie) outside than to shoot inside the white wall, where “light reflects this, like a yellow jacket on your skin.”

Dörr is also a big fan of outdoor photography. He says: “I am amazed at the variety of living things and the design of living things, and I find that a picture of a person has elements of character. “They help one another.”

If you are a natural person, the outside can be a great place to photograph – make sure there are no trees rising above your head.

Karah Mwa, as notes photographer in Portsmouth, England, recommends residential use. If you are going to a corporate vibe, for example, you may want to shoot in the office. If you are an artist, they suggest you use the studio space.

Wear Something Old And Know Your Colors

Does your skin have warm, cool, or politically neutral? If you do not know the answer, learn the colors (either the back, the clothes, or the makeup) that suits you best. One shortcut: Check your nerves. If it looks green, you may have a warm voice. If it looks blue or purple, you probably have a cooler voice. If it is difficult to know, your voice may be politically neutral. Ground temperatures are best reflected in red, yellow, gold, and earth temperatures such as purple and sand. Cold colors look great in blue, brown, silver, and cool tones like gray. Neutral tones can be worn on almost anything, but photographers often advise people to avoid black, white, black, and bright colors on the headline, as this can be difficult to visualize and confuse the eyes. (Bright red is one of the most difficult colors to paint, often so beautiful and oversaturated.) If you want to play it well, choose light, dull colors and low tones.

style is very personal, but if your goal is to create a moving image that will not be visible next year, have something permanent, like a T-shirt, which Silva goes for. Dörr, who loves luxury and timeless clothing, agrees. He said: “It should be easy.

Check Your Camera Preferences

Before you shoot, choose a high quality image, which will give you more detail and flexibility when you need to plant and adjust. Other mobile phones are included RAW format preferences, which results in large mixed files. Artists love that, because it helps them to have more control over the final image. The downside is that RAW images need to be changed a lot. If you are comfortable with post editing, plus how to export photos to JPEGs, RAW files are your best bet.

If you have white switches on your camera, change them before you start looking for white objects on your screen. It can look very hot or very cold, which can also affect the skin.

Use the Tripod

Holding your phone, selfie form, is good for taking a photo, but taking a selfie will get the best results without your arm. The monopod (aka selfie stick) allows you to take a camera from a distance, while keeping your hands close to your body. Your best bet is a triple or high-rise, whether Silva puts his phone on the window sill using a water bottle, or puts it on a pole. Larrow’s tripod hack and I place the phone on a pile of books on top of the table, making sure it’s 90-degree and almost at eye level. “Having a low-cost camera makes you look a lot bigger, and having the highest quality sounds like a 2004 Myspace,” he says. “It’s an amazing idea.”

If you do not have three, ask someone to hold the camera and shoot, but it will be clear what you want in the pictures. It is also a good idea to mark your location with masking tape so that you can always be consistent when trying different areas.

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