We set up Democratic Standards of Fictional Netflix Nations

Finally, Aldovia is a sexist country that simply changed its rules to allow women to take the throne in 2019 – moreover, the royal family repeatedly serves “jellied meat” on their balls.


Penglia is located east of Aldovia and is the country’s closest ally. Even viewers do not reach Penglia itself in Christmas Prince franchise, the reigns of King Tai and Queen Ming appear throughout the third film. In a casual conversation, Ming says that Tai is “the only leader Penglia wants,” focusing on the tyranny of the royal family. After all, the real threats to Tai’s leadership are best met when he tries to tie a baby scarf and announces, “We will build as we lead, naturally,” before discarding the instruction manual. Inevitably, the finished seats fall off.

Towards the end of the film, after seeing how much Aldovia queen favored Christmas cartoonists, Tai angrily tells Ming: “You should do the same.” We can assume that Aldovia and Penglia are very close because they do not trust the government of the people, to the people. We can only hope that one day their citizens will be free.


The northern European country of Belgravia is a stable empire; is most famous for its international Christmas bakeries competition, meaning its employees are bound by the hardships they experience over time. However, everywhere, the Wyndham royal family seems to have no interest in the plight of their people – in a charity game to raise money for local families, the Queen of Belgravia says, “I do not know exactly” when asked how many people use the project. , while the king adds, “We do not defile ourselves with the details. We have such people. ”

Despite efforts to raise funds, it was later revealed that the royal family was able to raise enough money for food and clothing for the occupants of the house, meaning no toys for the children living there (though not supervised by Guinness World Records.) Promotions on the Charity Ball). In addition, Mr. Wyndham does not care so much about the condition of his nation that the successor has skipped an important meeting with “Spain” to go on horseback, seriously endangering his empire.

However, there are no prisons or serious human rights violations in the middle of Netflix. Princess Switch trilogy, in which Vanessa Hudgens plays three different roles. Overall, Belgravia has fewer legal problems than Aldovia, and while there is something in the water that forces people to change Vanessa Hudgens’ appearance, people seem happy enough.


The frozen state of Montenaro is Netflix’s only state-owned, state-of-the-art empire Princess Switch the films refer to “their government” and “finance secretary”. As head of the royal family, Queen Margaret sees her role as important — long before she became king, and as a wife, she was willing to enter a loveless marriage without any love for her people. Plus, when he throws a compassionate ball again Princess Switch the film, called “toy drive”: Finally! A king who respects Article 31 of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, that children have the right to play!

Unlike other Netflix countries, Montenaro does not seem to rely on Christmas for financial gain, and is so respected around the world that the Vatican has no problem lending a valuable object to Saint Nick. Most interestingly, when ne’er-do-well wells were seized in Montenaro, they were detained by the police (not the prison) and ordered to help people instead of being permanently detained. The democratic rights enjoyed by the people of Montenaro are a clear reflection of the chaos of neighboring nations – it is strange that the king and queen of Aldovia seemed to be able to show their faces on Margaret’s throne. The Princess Switch: Switching.

There is only one way in which the kingdom of Montenaro can be the most impressive country, that is to provide protection for the Aldovians, Penglians, and Belgravians alike.

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