26 Best Nintendo Switch Games for Every Player (2021)

Change with one of Nintendo’s games successful and popular systems at all. There is something special about carrying a home-made game kit wherever you go. Realizing what you can play, though — is getting harder every year, as the list of first-party and indie games grows.

Fortunately, WIRED has a lot of Nintendo fans with an idea for employees, and we’ve put our heads together to make a list of the best switch games. We’ve written a digital version of most of them here, so make sure you get a MicroSD card to back up all your play files. (We encourage this.) Be sure to read our page again Edit Tips and Secrets, Favorite switch Chalk, and Bundle Deals. And, if you have a chance to get it OLED switching Upgrade this year, be sure transfer all your data.

Updated December 2021: We added Metroid Dread, New Pokémon Snap, and Opening.

Many members of the WIRED team have contributed to the ongoing project, including Jess Gray, Louryn Strampe, Jeffrey Van Camp, Julie Muncy, Peter Rubin, Emma Ellis, and Eric Ravenscraft.

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