How to Sell a Work on eBay (2021): First Edition

This brings me to the following important point: Price is not the only thing to consider when shopping on eBay.

Know the Seller

We do not want the lowest price; we want a very good thing at a very low price. I have found that, unfortunately, photography is not a good indicator of a product. I have bought a lot of things with bad pictures that have become very good, and I have bought things with very good pictures that have become useless. (I returned them.)

Better metric for product type and seller reviews. A good seller — who can sell the highest quality goods in good condition — will have a response rate of 99.8 percent or more. I usually buy from a seller with a response rate of 99.6 percent or less.

This leaves a gray-selling area of ​​99.7 percent. In that case, click on the “detailed feedback” link and read the latest comments. There may have been just one bad symptom and it happened a few months ago. Everyone makes mistakes. Sometimes, a small amount comes from things that were not the seller’s fault, such as the package is lost in the mail, so it pays to read the actual reviews and see what it is. If the seller has a price of 99.6 or less, I do not care what the price is. I do not want to.

I bought a lot of laptops, phones, cameras, camera glasses, metal cookware, musical instruments, and even plans to pay for mobile phones at the grocery store. During all that time, I was robbed only once, but even then I got my money back. I did not find what I was looking for, but I did not lose anything.

That being said, it may be repetitive: If the relationship seems too good to be true, then.

How to Sell

When you find something you want, and you know how much you want to pay, it’s time to … wait. I encourage you to sell at the last second. And I mean almost certainly. I only advertise for 5 to 10 seconds. I wait until the sale ends, then I look at my phone, because I think the eBay app has a better look at real advertising (it’s dangerous to browse), and in the last few seconds I enter the amount I have. ready to pay.

You do not already pay because you do not want to give your competitor a chance to act. If you win by someone else days, or hours, before the trade arrives, they try to outrun you. My guess is that they will come back and beat you, even if you chase them away from their first business. You do not want to be frustrated if you cannot get the right pitch so invest in a good capo. Only retailers want to whip up advertisers. We want them to never see us coming.

When it comes to the last 20 seconds or so, you are investing a lot of money. At that point, a kind of self-made war begins. However, this is not the heart. It’s a mechanical, cold complex idea.

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