Come to hell or high water

November 1960

From “Climate Control and the Oceans”: Without a clear picture of the ocean’s changing atmosphere and without accurate timetable, meteorologists and meteorologists are unable to fully explain global climate patterns. Now man, with his carbon dioxide emissions industry, has become another unknown phenomenon. The attraction of this new and very different object may be working in several ways. It may be the beginning of the end for the ice, or it may be the beginning of the warmth, as when coal and oil were stored. The activities are so affected that experts do not know how to deal with them. One thing they are sure of is that this influence is working on a much smaller scale than all the old man-made changes.

April 1969

From the “Barren Sea”: Change has begun. Edward D. Goldberg, Professor of Chemistry at the Scripps Institution of Oceanography, states: “Man, the terrestrial organism, is the one that influences the oceans of marine life. For example, about 3,000 tons of mercury reach the oceans each year from the continent’s natural resources and 4,000 tons from fungicides and industrial processes; lead to the sea from motor fuel is “similar” to that resulting from sedimentary action; pesticides, “the latest and most innovative way to enter the oceans,” have now spread, and other forms of radiation; and man has introduced two new inventions: the disposal of toilets and the accidental pollution of human commerce. About half of all pollutants are dumped into the oceans by events in the US

August 1980

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