Day Zero is still in Cape Town

Businesses are not waiting for the city to solve its water crisis. For example, the wine market was severely affected solid and drought. Since then, many vineyards have produced very high levels of water management systems made around the idea of ​​self-reliance. Methods of operation include the use of treated wastewater, rainwater harvesting, and the use of advanced irrigation methods that focus on reducing water waste. Vineyards have also severely damaged internal research to ensure that they use the best practices that science can offer.

However, Gerard Martin, general manager of Winetech, a non-profit organization that receives funding from South African wine companies, feels that at the moment they do not know if the city or industry is preparing for the next drought. He said: “We are preparing ourselves so that we can deal with this in the future.

Joseph Dana is a writer based in Cape Town, South Africa.

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