8 Best Albums of 2021

Pop songs are a region of unstable people. It lives in ancient times, and those with great power often take time or prophesy terribly.

This is true of music making and use of it. The 2010s ruling issue was about floods. Spotify and Apple Music have completely changed the way we recognize popular music and the limits of taste. Singles and playlists were the ones who were most considered by everyone connected. The ultimate goal of musicians, who are nothing but tech oligarchs pulling, was to create new connections — recording our habits, interests, and passions as a listening experience. Ten years ago, that meant changing our feelings. This means that albums will have less money in the utopia ahead.

But racism can be contagious. They push back. R&B in particular. This sounded very real this year. For me, 2021 was the time when R&B made the albums even more important. I found special comfort, almost refreshing in pursuit of universal art, in the creative freedom of artists and artists like Tirzah and Jazmine Sullivan. Probably because R&B originated from black music traditions, it contradicts how words change, evolve, and evolve. The brand is analogous and online, seemingly indifferent to how social media platforms like TikTok are influenced by modern noise and the realization that they are just as attractive as the foundations they built. What started R&B was here before the internet. It will be here later. The color, as we have seen this year, is much better if it is immovable, immovable – to the extent that it is not.

You might think: But does this not contradict all that I know about Black music, as well as black culture in general — how it is composed and skillfully produced and modified, and sometimes dangerous? Well, yes (like Black Twitter he reminds us constantly). But the opposite is true.

R&B is a form of anti-futures. It accepts what is to come when it is based on what has already come. It looks inside. That’s what I like to think of as the original music. In that way, it acts as a matrix. The music moves forward, through, in the background, and through — but not too fast. R&B is a reminder that we may not always be in the running for the future. Dystopia starts. For others, it may be. R&B invites us to pause, take a deep breath, acknowledge ourselves and look deeper and deeper, so that we may reconsider the future.

Obviously, no genre can compete with advanced talent — projects from Dawn Richard and L’Rain were deep lessons in its design and sympathetic futurism — but what the best annual albums have in common (except two) are R&B threads like DNA their, their back, their great heart beating.

8 Best Albums of 2021

8. 30, Adele

Six years has been removed 25 and Adele returns in a rare and rare form. Ballads of love and tragedy, 30 he excels in his apparent and honest way of pain, suffering, and danger. Adele woke up.

Official songs: “My Little Love”; “Hold on”

7. Colourgrade, Tiriza

Above all, the work in Tirzah is slow and dramatic. It is the meditative meditation on relationships and relationships, in which we communicate the distance between bodies, minds, and experiences. Commitment, his first appearance, was one of the best in 2018 (put “Fine Again” on tour right now) and Colourgrade it is no different. The singer is never affected by the ritual, which it provides Colourgrade unique geometry: Affects absence and center. It gives meaning to the unexplained.

Official songs: “Running”; “Sink In”

6. Vince Staples, Vince Staples

Vince Staples is from North Long Beach. It gives him the appearance of the world. You have seen a lot and you have survived a lot. Self-proclaimed project – the most exciting of its length since 2015 Summer time ’06-and a journey through memory: Looking back, what do we come up with? What is memory? Recorded and low, the 10 song history deals with death, violence, and relationships that are connected and broken.

Official songs: “Are You That”; “Sundown Town”; “Take me Home”

5. Right now, Summer Walker

The third release from R&B artist Summer Walker is a very interesting and exciting song about his failed relationship with the London producer on da Track. What the album does best – not to mention its delightful production – is to shed light on the complexities of the love that was lost during the thirsty Insta era. In Walker’s translation, it is a whirlwind of thought and catharsis.

Official songs: “Circus”; “Unfaithful” feat. Ari Lennox; “Toxic” feat. Lili Durk

4. Speaking Memory, BADBADNOTGOOD

It is difficult to define contours Speaking Memory in the words of ordinary music because the disc, in short, is not music. Although it is very useful, its size is very large. I think this is what dreams mean. What Toronto experimentalists BADBADNOTGOOD has made is a sacred thing. Along with their counterparts Terrace Martin, Laraaji, and the famous Brazilian songwriter Arthur Verocai, have reached an unimaginable heights. The view is good here.

Official songs: All of them

3. If Orange Was A Place, Tems

Tems donated a clear lung to the unofficial 2021 song of the year: the well-known and innocent on Wizkid’s “Essence”. As a solo performance, the Nigerian singer is a thing of the past, on the road to Afrobeats’ international history. This five-song EP not only enhances Tems’ talent, it makes everyone aware. Sakusiya.

Official songs: “Vibe Out”; “Found” by Brent Faiyaz

2. Fatigue, L’Rain

Fatigue and elemental muscope. It bleeds, shakes, shouts, and grunts. It meditates and jumps and straightens. Imagunda. It awakens. For Brooklyn fusionist, Fatigue and a spiritual passage — incorporating people, good news, life, and attempts to become word-for-word. L’Rain has produced one of the most beautiful songs of the year.

Official songs: “Find”; “Sucking teeth”; “Two faces”

1. Heaux Tales, Jazmine Sullivan

When Jazmine Sullivan was released Heaux Tales 11 months ago, we did not know where the year would take us – in a time of great sorrow and deep sorrow, through sorrow and joy. As of 2021, the disc is taking place in a series of twisted themes, a clever mix of music and evidence, every house already on the road. What Heaux Tales they skillfully deal with sexual maps. It gives power and voice to the desires of black women. It’s a disc, in particular, about re-enactment — it encourages the audience to want what they have, and much more. Think of it as a lesson for all of us.

Official songs: “Raise Your Mind”; “Price Tags” feat. Anderson Paak; “Lost”

Distinguished Names: Second Line, Dawn Richard; Call Me If You Are Lost, Tyler Creator; Planet He, Doja Cat; Navy Reprise, Navy blue; Far In, Black Ice Cream; Sometimes I Can Be An Introvert, Little Simz

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