The values ​​we work with in Starship Product Team | by Monika Zych | Starship Technologies | Dec, 2021

A team works best if there are clear roles and responsibilities set up for the whole group, and when each section is filled with someone who is very good at the task. This is a great idea for group work, where the team can do more than if each person works individually. Work needs to be divided in order for this to happen, so allocating work to people who have the skills to do the job is more effective than random distribution, or to people who do not have the necessary skills.

When we recruit groups, in addition to the necessary skills, we look for cultural and practical additions. Every newcomer who comes with us adds something or appreciates our culture. It makes the team unique and unique. If you are thinking of jumping on the ship (pun intended!) And joining the Starship marketing team here are a few things you may want to know about our operating systems.

Owners and more trust

As a team, and as individuals, we take full responsibility for our work and the things that have happened. This means that everyone takes action to get what they need to do their job and we try to solve any problem. We do not expect that anyone will give us anything but that we are asking for it, seeking it, and finding it. And yes, sometimes we fail. In this case, we do not blame others for our failures, but we do own them. As our company puts it: “we learn with every journey”.

Professional maturity

Professional development is the ability to respect different cultures and workplace experiences. In our group we have 12 different countries from 4 continents and we work in divisions between Helsinki, Tallinn and London. We respect each other and acknowledge that we are different – that is what makes us special. Having different cultures in the same group sometimes results in situations where our ideas are at odds. We come to this as a source of real team value, and without judgment and compassion.

Sufficient for the purpose

Being a group of knowledgeable people who excel in what they do means that we want to do our job well. We want to provide our customers with the best products we can. We want to make things as good as possible – make them perfect.

The problem with perfectionism, however, is that it reduces and can cause the team to miss out on opportunities to bring value in a new way. If we release things only when they are perfect we will not quickly learn how to make things better. As a result, we strive to keep the perfect path in a more balanced way. Therefore, we crave perfection but do not let this hold us back from releasing great things.

Disagree & submit

We believe that a good idea can come from anyone. And we want the positive ideas to grow – regardless of where they come from. This means being open to working with people with different skills and perspectives, and keeping decision-making to be more inclusive and consistent.

When we have completed the selection a decision is made. We embrace the idea of ​​motivating conflict and asking questions, but once a decision is made we all go the way we have chosen. We include a principle that is not consistent with commitment.

Belief in making a difference

Most of us joined Starship because we thought it would be great to work with robots. And it does. The good that we all share, is that we truly believe we can change. We hope we can make the best of the last few miles by doing the delivery work tomorrow, today. We all want the Starship to perform well and make the final milestone a green milestone.

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