How to Use SharePlay on iPhone, iPad, or Mac (2021)

If you can’t body being almost loved this year on vacation — we are still very much in it plague, after all—One way to communicate is via video televisions. In particular, if your friends and relatives have iPhones, iPads, or MacBooks, Apple has recently released a new feature called SharePlay that allows you to do more than just get it.

At FaceTime, you can share your screen to show grandma the dating photos. SharePlay also gives you the opportunity to watch movies, listen to music, or browse TikTok with your friends and family even when you are away. It is a powerful tool that makes it easy to host listener or viewer parties (Hawkeye, anyone?). This is how you install and use it.

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Modify Your Apple Devices

SharePlay is part of iOS 15.1, iPadOS 15.1, and MacOS Monterey 12.1. If you have not changed your Apple devices recently, you need to do this first in order to use the new one. To view your current color, go to Preferences, General, Za, and research Type of Software on your iPhone or iPad. If it says 15.1 or higher, you are stable. On Macs, go to the Apple icon on the menu bar and click For This Mac. If it says Version 12.1 or higher, you can already access SharePlay.

If your program is outdated, don’t worry. First, save a backup of your weapons. Our leader here explains the process for iPhones and iPads. For Macs, open System settings After hovering over the Apple icon, click Apple ID, and selection Cloud Drive. Make sure all your storage needs are turned off. Then, on your iPhone or iPad, go to Preferences, General, Software Change, and follow the steps to install iOS or iPadOS new version. For Macs, go to System settings, Software Change, and click Change Now.

Now that your tools are up to date, you’re ready to use SharePlay.

What is SharePlay?

SharePlay is an application created in Apple’s FaceTime video call app. It is turned on randomly, but you can make sure it is changed and go to Preferences, FaceTime, SharePlay on iPhones and iPads. On Macs, open FaceTime, head to the Menu bar, click FaceTime, Preferences, and SharePlay.

SharePlay gives you the opportunity to share your screen on FaceTime phones, view photos in the Apple Photos app, watch a video or show in real time and play and share and share, listen to a new song together, or stream one at a time. All Apple apps support the interface, but third-party apps will need to support the individual. You can find a list of such apps in the App Store (just search SharePlay and research Best apps for iOS 15’s SharePlay collection), but it is best to copy your icon to the right of the App Store and hit Change All making sure your software is up-to-date.

How to use SharePlay

Photo: Apple

There is no button to press to start SharePlay. Instead, SharePlay can be accessed when you are on video on FaceTime.

How to Share Your Screen in FaceTime

To share your screen on FaceTime phone, click the button to the right of the video player and click Share My Screen. The calculator will start, and when it reaches zero, you can completely switch to the home screen and people on the other side of the phone can see your screen. You’ll be glad to know that they won’t be able to see any of the notifications that come in, and if you look at the bottom of the notification, it will stop the sharing section in the window.

There is a purple bubble on the left side of your bar indicating you are sharing your screen. Click on this and you will also find video streaming options to stop sharing your window.

How to Watch Movies, Listen to Music, and Use SharePlay Apps

If you want to watch something or stream music with your friends or relatives on FaceTime call, you must first make sure they have the app. Some apps require all parties to be subscribers, but others may allow free SharePlay sessions per month. If you try to start a SharePlay section but nothing happens to the person you are calling the video with, then there is a great chance because they do not have the software.

How do you get started on SharePlay? If the app you are using works, just open it while playing a video and you will see notifications that say “Choose What to Use SharePlay” or “Share Game Only.” Click the movie you want to watch in Disney +, the music you want to listen to on Spotify, the exercise you want to try in Fitness +, or just open TikTok to download memes. Sign up for SharePlay. Tell them to catch up.

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