Commentary on ‘The Resurrection of the Matrix’: The Wachowskis Were Always Oracles

Mythical science, in its finest form, serves as a line of Möbius. It criticizes what is happening now with regard to the future. Then, a few years later, early followers look back and analyze its predictions, fully aware that sci-fi established the policy of the country in which they live. Utopic or dystopic, the future repeats itself. However, in most cases, the creators of the sci-fi are able to revisit the countries they created after the events they were expecting began. Of these, Lana and Lilly Wachowski are both one.

When The Matrix published in 1999, was a popular cyberpunk legend. It took a lot of optimism for the early years of the internet and saw what would happen if people’s reliance on connections and thought machines led to their demise. It was a sad prophecy, but one of the longest sci-fi predictions that foretold the future. A Courageous New World presaged antidepressants. Philip K. Dick warned readers about androids, and now the fear of AI attacks is growing as we do dreaming of an electric sheep (or see the Boston Dynamics robot gule). Anyone who develops analytical technology is well aware of the year 1984. What more real and more information would have existed without William Gibson’s. Neuromancer and Company ideas USS Enterprise‘s holodecks?

What the Wachowskis predicted The Matrix-a world in which technology turns people into batteries and tries to keep them from doing well – has not happened, but his ideas are everywhere. No one lives in speculation, but Silicon Valley can’t metaverse, which usually sounds just a little click in the West. Scientists are working to connect brain-computers that can, many years from now, send real-world experiences to our brain. AI does not make us real (probably), but it lives in our cars with TVs and toothbrushes. You do not need red pills to have real world, but the internet is full of conspiracy, the right hand has chosen “red-pilling”Means to wake up to the many ways in which freedom is destroying America. (Or something.)

The professionals who now run the world grew up with it The Matrix, and now he is shooting to make the simulation a reality. With so many just seemingly forgetting the dangers that came with it, they miss the point Wachowskis is trying to make. “Readers often assume that writers are happy when they predict the future ‘accurately.’ Madeline Ashby said in WIRED Future of Reality stories, “But we are seldom asked about the trauma of seeing a terrible vision happen.”

(Spoiler Warning: Plans for The Resurrection of the Matrix to follow.)

It is this kind of feeling that is widespread The Resurrection of the Matrix. It’s as if Lana Wachowski has seen her evil thoughts begin to form and wants to sound the alarm. The film was made in San Francisco, 60 years after the incident Matrix transitions, the last in the first trilogy. Neo (Keanu Reeves) and Trinity (Carrie-Anne Moss) were re-introduced into the Matrix, deceived into forgetting their days as a savior. Thomas Anderson is now a successful filmmaker at the studio Deus Ex Machina (LOL). He is responsible for a trilogy of a game called The Matrix, which closely parallels the events of Wachowskis’ first three films. He is now working on a new game called Binary-maybe it means the writing language, as well as the subtle twisting of the red and blue tablets, real and false, the freedom to choose against the future, and, perhaps, the fact that gender is not / or.

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