10 Not-So-Christmas Movies To Watch This Season

Christmas video.

What comes to mind are traditional myths It’s a Wonderful Life and Christmas carol or other movies that are full of fun and snowy music to celebrate the holiday season.

Or one Christmas movie just made over and over again on Hallmark Channel and Netflix.

But sometimes we need to rest from intense joy. Here is a list of 10 non-Christmas movies to enjoy during the holiday season.


Go is one of the films that follows different people in their events as they connect the stories through the ordinary thread. For this reason, every story begins with the noise of drugs at Christmas which becomes very difficult. Two young men working in a grocery store are addicted to drugs, two soap operas have been caught on Christmas food by a police officer and his wife who want to sell them on the MLM system, two friends in Vegas having fun in a car. chase and shoot, and other hijinks follow. It’s a perverted story of police, drug dealers, car chases, and other kids just wanting a good time. Anything but a traditional Christmas movie, Go it brings a bit of a difficult holiday laugh and reminds me how happy I am that I am too old to have experiences like this again.

As the tagline puts it, “Life begins at 3 o’clock in the morning.” This is where I try to fall asleep.

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I will always give love to the movies in the city of brotherly love. The film lasts from Christmas to New Year in 1980’s Philadelphia, where two über-rich retailers compete to see if parenting or birth makes a person a criminal. Their symptoms? Commodities broker Dan Aykroyd and criminal Eddie Murphy. In the shop as the head suggests, the wealthy and worthy Louis of Akroyd loses his money, his house, his friends, and his life, turning to Jamie Lee Curtis’ Ophelia to help him. Eddie Murphy’s Billy Ray has gone from being a young ambassador to living in the best brownstone stones with all the money in the world and a new job as a salesman to set up the stage. Things of Christmas carol as each of them sees what life would be like? O yes. Drugs and Santa suits? Without a doubt. After all a team of two heroes to bring down 1 percent? Right. The highest seaside resort where the cupbearer has a cup holder? True. Christmas and New Year festivities in gorilla costumes? See.

You can’t go wrong with these old school jokes.

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Dennis Leary as a fleeing criminal. When he entered the house to hide from the police and guarded the owners for Christmas, he unfortunately found that he did not make the right choice. Conflict in the family affects his nerves, which brings us to the answer that can come from Dennis Leary as he transforms a thief from a family counselor to an accident counselor into a … family friend. Ref and black jokes at its peak. This magazine discusses the family’s feelings about Christmas, the breakup of a marriage, the abuse of a child at school, an abusive family, an escapees, and all the madness that results from this. What is Stockholm Syndrome? I don’t know, but it works.

“Mary, grab your Grandma.”

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