13 Mice Play Best With Mousepads (2021): Wireless, Wireless, And Less than $ 50

Game selection mouse is a personal activity. Everyone’s hands are different, everyone’s tastes and needs are different, and we all play different games. This is why we have the opportunity to live in the best time of the game mice, when the major manufacturers are pouring engineering muscles into one of the most advanced. The result is a market full of very high but cheap mice.

I’ve tried a little bit with the whole plague. Being stable inside means a lot of time in front of the computer, at work and playing. I can’t tell you exactly which mouse is right for you, but let me give you a few suggestions. These are the best mice of any game, plus a few mice at a good level.

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Updated December 2021: We removed the Roccat 120 AIMO for presence and added the Grovemade Matte Desk Pad.

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