These Lemons Have Rhythm. Scientists Have Questions

Indri is lemur, apes with large toes facing them; short tail; and round, curved ears, like a bear. They share the branch of the evolutionary tree with the people, but our methods were separated 60 million years ago. However, one striking parallel never occurred: Indris is one of the few mammals that sing. Family groups sing hymns on the trees of their rain forests in Madagascar; their voices are heard for miles. These songs, described by biologist Andrea Ravignani, sound as if they were connected with a jumble of jazz orchestras, humpback whales, and shouts — these are just some of the melodies that people make to sound clear and unambiguous. .

Instead, indri rhythm may be the same says Ravignani, who studies bioacoustics at the Max Planck Institute for Psycholinguistics. She is one of the research countries recent paper mu Modern Biology is the first to record rhythm in lemurs.

Examining how, and when, the music of lemurs is clearly used can help researchers to understand human music, the purpose of which remains to be seen in evolution. Traits like racism, dehydration, and prolonged infancy are all caused by evolutionary pressure that favors genetics. But music, which is so prevalent in human culture, is a mystery. “As a music lover, I am fascinated by the beauty of music,” says Ravignani. “As a biologist, I wonder why we still have not come up with an answer when so many other things are evident in the evolutionary process.”

The origin of the rhythm – and even the word itself – has been difficult to explain. “There is no universally accepted definition,” says Anirrudh Patel, a psychologist at Tufts who did not participate in lemur research. He also noted that rhythm is often interrupted by beats. All of this is a starting point, a race that allows you to move your hips or swing your fingers during music. But they are not always the same. Think of the Gregorian hymn, which has no power but is still intelligible. Although the beat is usually a steady, steady beat, its sound and connection between events such as notes, clicks, or the sound of drums.

Patel defines rhythm as the central order of events in his time. This includes everything from the polka oompah-pah records to the John Cage band.2/ ASLSP (Delayed As Possible), further work is expected to take place 639 years, as the text is divided by years of silence.

For centuries, scientists thought that music was the force behind human snowball, cockatoo, and myths. YouTube star, shot himself in 2007. In one of his favorite videos, Snowball hits his ropes and shakes his head to hit. Backstreet Boys, The Queen, and Michael Jackson. When Patel saw the theater, he immediately brought Snowball into his lab and began experimenting to see if the dance had taken place by chance or if the bird could detect a song. Patel Research showed that this was no accident. As his team ran or slowed down, Snowball adjusted his pace to match.

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