The best Christmas song list is about 8 days

Living in November and December in the United States means slowly but surely getting sick of the little Christmas songs and holidays that are sung forever in all public places. If it starts to look like Christmas, then all you have to do is brush your teeth and agree that by the end of the 500 games, even “All I Want For Christmas With You” will start to bite into your life.

But there is another way. At least in your home, car, and other places you can direct the music you listen to (which is everywhere if you have an audible listener): the largest list of Christmas songs ever made. It is called FaLaLaLa Great Big Christmas Christmas Variety List, and you can find it on Spotify.

Powered by “King of Jingaling,” Washington state educator Brad Ross-MacLeod, owner of, provides an excellent social networking site for discussions and collections of unfamiliar Christmas songs. It also serves as the center, through its courtyard, which connects other important pages of Christmas music, such as Ernie, not Bert and Hip Christmas.

Ross-MacLeod is expressing her love for the first holiday songs on Christmas albums by Hollyridge Strings and Mike Sammes Singers whose parents played as a child. But his interest in the genre as an athlete found it in the late 1990s, when two CDs were released. Christmas Cocktails he revived his interest in old-fashioned holiday music.

“These two disks opened my ears to the world of Christmas music hidden on mainstream radio at the time,” Ross-MacLeod told me. “I started a thrift shop in the central Pennsylvania area of ​​old vinyl. … When you have such a wonderful desire, you really want to connect with others who share it with you. I did not find anyone in Pennsylvania, so I set up an contact page. Forums are still a very active part of the site and we have been going since 2004. “

Ross-MacLeod is one of the small but powerful names of people online collecting Christmas music they can find; they all love to be the best people who would ever want to find a Burl Ives album playing Christmas carols with introductory lyrics about how he should be loved by various presidents.

When I started researching in this area in the mid-2000s, all those involved were keeping albums and songs that were missing. The recording of the song was legal: It was professionally violated, but since the albums were no longer on sale (and since most of them had anonymous episodes of right-holders), they quit and left letters. more rare than it was for your almost Limewire or Kazaa user. (Long live 2006!)

But the rise of the pages confirmed many records, both large and small, that there was a profit in many Christmas albums just collecting dust in their closets. With the rise of Spotify and other music streaming services, it was easy to put digital music videos that every subscriber could listen to.

But that made the holiday music even more popular. How could anyone benefit from that great heap? Most listeners just stared at a playlist with fewer songs that your supermarket would drop down, increasing the volume of the songs.

Join Ross-MacLeod with its playlist. With at least 4,000 songs and no more than eight days’ music, you can start moving the songs on the list right now, play 24/7, and still have a lot of songs left over for Christmas Day.

And these are not the songs you have heard many times. There are a lot of different types of players and players, but the game series focuses on the things that are aired under the radar. There is a disco-composed “Little Drummer Boy,” a variety of songs from the Seeburg Library (an easy-to-listen competition for the famous Muzak), as well as other songs by artists you’ve heard of, such as Jackson 5 and Perry Como. and Harry Connick Jr.

“I want to hear more Christmas carols than you can hear on many radio stations. I want a well-known and wonderful mix, “says Ross-MacLeod. Even in my narrow section of interest there are many songs that most people do not hear. I’m a singer, and I think I have an ear for what’s good or fun. “

Ross-MacLeod does not leave out the songs you have heard before (Mariah’s “All I Want for Christmas Is You” is here, why can’t you), but there are some clear ones on the music that may be new to you, though. from artists you know well. Yes, the series features the Jackson 5 “Santa Claus Coming to Town” (old), which you may have heard of before, but they take on “Above Home” or “Christmas Song,” both of which are excellent. , are not commonly played.

“Considering the amount of music that is a Christmas tradition, many songs are repeated,” he said. “But I’m looking for versions that are different from them – some tools or a fun new bridge or medley. A familiar and comfortable and amazing and new.”

So are there any Christmas songs that Ross-MacLeod hopes can be as great as “All I Want For Christmas With You”? He points to a 1970 movie video scrooge (modification of the songs of Christmas carol) and a few songs from rock musician JD McPherson’s 2018 Christmas Album socks. But he also says that there are a lot of Christmas songs that are very difficult to make sense of.

“These songs are sung only for a couple of weeks a year, and they have to fight for decades, even centuries, of songs that have already been sung. Because it took Mariah’s song and ‘Christmas is over’ [by Wham!] for a while to be standards, I think it ‘s a while before we see another, “said Ross-MacLeod. It takes a lot of covers to make the music a real Christmas season. ”

So if you have planned something – anything – different to do with your ears as Christmas approaches, launch a great Ross-MacLeod series (or one of its smaller ones) and discover new seasonal favorites. I can’t go through December without it.

FaLaLaLa Great Big Christmas Christmas Variety List available on Spotify. For more information from the cultural world, see Good thing ancient writings.

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