The Best Management System Is Impossible

Advanced systems have some, the old attractions, of course. I connected with the Respawn Entertainment team, producers Apex Tales, in this article, I hope to understand how similar games tried to plan its development strategy (and which also had to deal with allegations of injustice). By email, David Duong, Respawn’s managing director of operations, and Aaron Rutledge, chief event officer, responded that “their inspiration comes from tried and tested competitions, both on and off the game.”

“There are other established languages ​​in the world for competition,” say Rutledge and Duong. “For example, the concept of precious metals and gems representing fame originated in the early Olympic Games and you can see the same system of Bronze, Silver, Gold, and so on in various sports and colors.”

Justice, of course, is a very important part of competition; It has often been said that video games, which guarantee rewards for our actions, are fairly straightforward in a way that usually does not last a lifetime. Yet manufacturers still have the idea that “justice” means different things to different people. This cannot be reduced to a simple algorithm. For example, is a student supposed to work eight hours a day, while another has to work and take care of their children? In what ways can justice be at odds with entertainment? You may be familiar with the following: What is comparison, and how do we recognize the situation? Or more specifically: How much should you know about murder? Justice, says Rutledge and Duong, is a never-ending conversation between builders and the community.

“Based on our estimation, ‘justice’ is impossible to measure accurately,” say Duong and Rutledge. “Therefore we do our best to look at what we have with the players and the playtest reviews, the healthy level of current research and the amount of research, as well as the internal knowledge to find the right system to come out of our home. Players.”

In time, however, manufacturers may come to realize more. Robbery boxes, random events, have been criticized for their similarities to gambling, and players hate practices that they call “pay to win”: the idea that in every game with paid and unpaid players, the highest paid player is in a competitive position. . “Days are 100 percent clear, like ‘here’s a great tool in the game, give us your credit card number, and you’ll get it,’ ‘those days are gone,” says Bycer. “Consumers have gained insight into this, as well as software developers: it’s been very secretive.”

Respawn’s Rutledge and Duong say one way they create better systems for players is to understand that players play differently. Players can enter daily, weekly, or monthly; As a result, players need short, medium, and long-term goals to achieve them. The drama should be rushed, which becomes a daily challenge with questions, and a weekly challenge to end after solving the daily challenges. And once they complete the weekly setup, they can still get XP on their entire account level. “Weekly challenges go a long way in Battle Pass. These weekly Battle Pass challenges are met and redesigned every week to give regular players a chance to make a profit and win every season,” say Rutledge and Duong.

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