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I can’t believe it has been four full months since the sweet June joined us on earth. It has been a great blessing in our year, and it is beautiful, cool, sweet, satisfying, rolling & adding to our family. It hurts so much every day.

I always have questions from new moms and moms about our favorite things about the newborn and newborn part. I did a huuuuge, completely broken of the many things and things we love (of all children & mothers) after Noah was born, and all of that is still true!

You can click here to get MORE ideas information on postpartum therapy, baby equipment, counseling and breastfeeding startups, home care, health care providers and simple diet ideas in the first few weeks / months that can be … strength, and sleep.

And you can imagine this post reading the addition to it. I love standing up for everything in this post (and I redefined it as I approached my due date to make sure we were all focused on all things childcare and motherhood!) For the first time!

Best Baby Toys + Beginners

Boppy Nursing Pillow: I keep this down and use another pillow on top of nursing. It’s as simple as it wraps around your body and brings the baby to the breast (instead of waiting). And you can use it for other purposes such as a stomach ache or a cushion around them as they learn to sit up!

Boppy Nursing Pillow Cover: I really like this light striped veil.

My Brest Friend Nursing Pillow: I keep this up. More for some but it makes life easier if you are breastfeeding in different places at home. I love that this one wraps around your body and features pockets for your phone, snacks, suckers, and so on!

Solly Baby Wrap: These are the softest, most beautiful, baby carriers (like, baby and you). And they are very beautiful and well made. It takes a little practice to get used to dressing / putting a baby, but once you have them you will be able to do it in less than a minute! I have a brightly colored dot, and I also like their choice of leaves in bed. You can save 10% on your order with code SIMPLY10.

UppaBaby Vista Stroller: this is a def investment but if you are going for a walk and use a stroller every day or almost every day, it is worth it (esp. if you know you will need more children and you can use it again)! It’s a very comfortable ride, and I suggest you take it too this board board for toddlers if you have an older child who wants to come for a walk.

Nursing cover: this is very beautiful, smart and lightweight. Lots of power for you if you can whip it up and breastfeed anywhere, but if you want / want to hide, I love this $ 30 option from a small business / etsy.

Nursing bras (non-matronly): And that you can wear real shirts, like a regular bra. Love this. Very comfortable, supportive and complete for the various stages (and sizes) you may encounter during your breastfeeding journey.

Nursing tanks: which I love to sleep and wear at home in those early months. Easy to cut up / down to feed your baby anywhere, anytime!

Baby clothes that you want to steal from yourself: proper warning. June and I share this, I love how soft it is!

Carseat Cover: ok well, this is for a girl as it always is, lol. I can’t do anything right now.

Infantino Carrier: Most baby carriers are $$$$ but this one is very cheap and fits the baby until you know if your baby loves it enough to spend a fortune.

This diaper garment: cheaper than the best but looks better and keeps things neat than the one I had with Noah.

This bottle: they look more like a statue than others, and I like that you don’t have too many tons. No losses yet… and the combination is so beautiful!

Wind: removes gas (and night crying) very well, esp for the most difficult periods of 6-8 weeks. A life saver!

These are calendula oil: non-greasy and will not stain the beautiful clothes, but clean and simple intellect.

Sound equipment: This is all when we are on a journey and we need to sleep fast. It prevents some noise from falling asleep and falling asleep.

These colostrum syringes: One of the best things I did during this time was to start showing a hand of colostrum around the 38th week. It helped my milk and colostrum after birth to come out faster! I kept them in these syringes and put them in the refrigerator so they could melt and use when they got here.

White electrolyte powder (for women): this helped me a lot after birth, in the early days of nursing, and now when I need encouragement. Since hydration is a major component of milk production, I can use this daily as a daytime supplement. I had a very difficult time finding one that did not contain sugar, or other sugar additives (stevia, monkfruit, etc.). I like that this one is not too sweet, it is made with natural sugar (but not a ton of it) and is easy to have on the go. It gives the water a very special taste when you shake it a lot. I like the taste of lemons. I tried blood orange but it had as much sugar as I thought, so check out any flavor before ordering!

Girl’s Clothes I Get Involved

Clothes with zipper: love this brand! Very soft and light colors, and cheaper than other well-known but excellent colors!

New born hat with bow: perfect hospital and photography at home. And the bow is very sweet.

Newborn outfits & bows: I have it all and I love it. They are so soft and beautiful! Dye dye, of flowers and autumn flowers.

Pink red cardigan: I mean, pretty much the absolute.

PJ flowers with magnetic buttons: magnetic pajamas are one of the best made in the world. Beautiful and easy to hang / unmute to change diapers quickly!

Kimono Art: Love these soft jumpsuits!

Headpiece with floral notes: I can’t help but with this, precious and I love floral art designs.

Blue floral shirt + living pants: but it comes in my size ???

Maroon velor sweatsuit: Is this the sweetest, sweetest thing you’ve ever seen?

Tan knit set: simple and inexpensive and beautiful!

The whole Jean skirt: gaaahhhh, I couldn’t resist this!

soft pants: a set of 2 pairs, with the best types of neutrality to go with everything!

Sherpa’s secret: and the ears of a bear ?! Very good. And it is good for very cold trips!

Maroon corduroy full skirt: again with wearing skirts … I can’t!

Tan Sweater with dots: love this simple, easy!

Mustard polka dot zip-up onesie: Love these jammies zippers!

Amint green pants & shirts: Such a delicious, simple everyday!

Mauta awa. Very soft, stretchy and not uncomfortable.

Are you also looking for new interests for your mother and children or a gift for new mothers in your life?

Check out my new post for moms here with ideas for the next meal, herbal remedies, baby supplements, and more!

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