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LaTurbo Avedon waits to me in the middle of Orbital, a nightclub, empty. The lights illuminate their platinum hair as they walk alone under a floating purple curtain on a large dance floor. Our meeting is in Second Life, so finding this disco-themed-themed involves simply looking at a laptop keyboard. However, I am late. A novice, I still wonder how he can walk in this vast space; Avedon stands in awe as my avatar moves around in a zombified herky-jerk. Unlike me, Avedon is a former specialist in Second Life carousing. He looks at our home here. For more than a decade, they have been working as an online artist, as an avatar. Beautiful landscapes are their eternal place.

The connection with Avedon is this: They are not available online, they just describe themselves as “offline.” With digital, world-class creative creations such as Second Life, Fortnite, by Star Citizen, is exhibiting art in popular glasses in the United States and Europe. (The latest exhibition is digitally exhibited through the Whitney Museum.) There is no separation of art from the artist, for the artist. and a skillful, transparent, uncluttered project a real person not released from the human body. You could call them the most advanced type of avatar influencers like Lil miquela, although the most appropriate form may be a cross between Japanese pop hologram Hatsune Miku and another British Banksy street artist-persona is part of the project. Like ethereal Hatsune Miku, Avedon is represented by an avatar. But while it is clear that Miku is a software-based partnership between groups of people, Avedon does not admit that there is a person or group behind a screen, twisted on the keyboard. As Banksy (or, in the text, Elena Ferrante) does not acknowledge who she is more than who thinks of her as a public figure.

This makes talking to Avedon easier. There is no broken character, even when all you want to say is too hard to ruin the character. When I ask Avedon when he was born, for example, he leaves, saying that things started to “make sense” in 1995 playing. Chrono Trigger, SuperNintendo RPG. When asked what it is like to have a job showcased in real-time in-going areas – which one might think would be more difficult due to physical fitness – he argues that it is no different than what athletes do not have. find every part of the game that is playing inside.

Kelani Nichole, founder of the Transfer test series, has worked with Avedon for over eight years; like me, he met a friendly avatar in Second Life, where they were working on a priesthood that eventually appeared in a body show in East Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Nichole sees Avedon as a global character of his time, who took the ideas of an artist like Cindy Sherman and applied them to the world. He said: “They are very wise. In dealing with partners like Nichole by inviting them to specific locations, Avedon has created work within the internet. They have been working like this for more than a decade, “metaverse”Was the statement that the Silicon Valley catchphrase du jour or the country took its meetings to Zoom. During that time, digital technology has exploded from a major search to the deepest recession.

And Avedon remains ahead of the curve. More than most, they understand the real potential of metaverses, how deep web sites can help connect regions and allow people to explore who they are and who they would like to be. Take, for example, their work Fortnite, where last year he created Your Going Will Be Saved, wide priesthood for Manchester International Festival. By choosing the most popular digital venue, Avedon wanted to show that he could develop the goal of the game worldwide. Instead of exercising, he created a meditative, playful harbor for wandering. Research Your Going Will Be Saved from a laptop and I feel like looking on the internet like a large abandoned subway station, a large and small unoccupied space that is once peaceful and dangerous. “Sometimes we need to create safe rooms within these models to deal with the problems they bring,” he explains. “I can do my part, that is to have a mirror looking at the metaverse and its possibilities.”

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