The 2021 Winning Game was a National Explosion and Influence

This could be It has been the first year of the new generation of console, but we will not remember 2021 as a time of expertise from major corporate corporations. Instead, breakthroughs came through indies that, unable to produce polygons and raw pixels, showed us how new creative and aesthetic methods bring more rewards.

Games like Sable was an explosion of race and influence, but with no respect. He wanted us to be able to care for them because they wanted to be better than they really were. These responsibilities are far from ideal for companies that have experienced difficulties in a number of areas. Monga Cyberpunk 2077 last year, War of 2042 and Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy came very hot for their good. Even those who arrived were polished as a precious stone, such as Hello Infinite, it seems like the old-fashioned kind of comfort not the existing ones. We need to remember 2021 because of the workplace harassment that occurred Activision Blizzard (following others major publishers). All of this happened in a strange year that started, for many, with the coronavirus closure and will end, if not with the same prevention, then I feel that the virus, which is just modified as Omicron, is a bad recurrence.

And yet, it is important to remember that things are very different. Effective and life-saving vaccines have arrived (though they are still not widely available in Global South). As a result, many began to enjoy the natural spring, summer, and autumn. The next big game outside looks like they are just looking at a world beyond the plague. They are filled with vivid sounds, personality, and an unwavering passion for life, illuminating our shows in a year that, at least a little bit, seemed brighter than the last.

Funny, clever, and interesting Psychonauts 2 was beyond waiting 15 years. Like his parent, this next Raz is a star, who is able to analyze people’s minds and help them deal with their thoughts.

It is very beautiful, with a structure that reflects the wonders of our brain, but the one part, which affects the human body called Brain In A Jar, is well known.

Brain In A Jar has endured what is often a long-term and dirty memory, so Raz should help them rediscover their five senses. When this overflows, the maker of Double Fine allows the stylistic arm to break and follow the psychedelic platforming that comes to the fore. song number. “I can smell the whole universe and I can taste the sky / I can see every molecule through my eyes,” sings the whole brain, echoing the earth.

The first time you play Quickly, it can be difficult to know what is going on. Sure, you’re playing a 2D platformer in the vein of Mario, but your avatar is a small animal that jumps from foam to bubble. Are you looking for a glowing microworld or something?

Instead, the standards of the game simply depend on the state of Copenhagen. Once you know this, Quickly it turns out to be a town trip — where every jump and landing causes an explosion of tiny particles and an explosive melody (a game-winning victory).

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