Fall and Rise of Real-Time Games

Panali a a time, not long ago, when real-time strategy (RTS) games dominated the world. Starcraft images came out in the 90s as the most popular sport in the world. The first follow-up of the game, StarCraft II: Wings of Freedom, sold more than 3 million copies in his book the first month in the market. PC grognards used to improve all their hype indexes recently Residues to release. It was a trumpet blast they caught on console issues – seriously, so what’s the point of buying an Xbox if it doesn’t play Homeworld, Dawn of War, or Heroes Company?

Players have been shown the latest graphics cards and how to effectively adapt to electronic components. I remember being scared Supreme Commander, and the necessary RAM mounts to deliver its sound, fast ships. RTS games were the most played in the environment. I mean, there is at all being a better connected film than Middle-Earth War? Or Empire at War?

This is what life was like in the middle of the 21st century. Blizzard confirmed that it was possible to create control from the strong, well-organized heads of the RTS, and all the other power makers in the industry rushed to catch up. Everyone took a swim. Remember about Ubisoft EndWar? Or EA Command & Conquer? Or, Nintendo’s Pikmin? No distribution history was completed without a well-known RTS; the shareholders told us that we were in for a rude awakening.

You probably know the story from here. Starcraft II arrived in 2010 on an interesting, breathless comment. It was followed by two successive approaches, which ended in 2015 with success Legacy of the Void, and then, unknowingly, the token died. The new RTS game just stopped coming out, it looks like one night. Titans of all kinds dried up. The last new one Command & Conquer the entry was a freemium handball game, and we’ve all been waiting for the next one Empire Earth for about twenty years. Game for the Use of Gas, which gave us an amazing opportunity for the aforementioned Supreme Commander, climbed the shop in 2018. Ensemble studio, which won us all over with The Age of Empires list, did not survive the year 2009. Hell, Blizzard has not released a new one Starcraft images game – RTS or not – inside six years. That truth would not have been impossible during the celebration of Brood Wars. Now? It’s just a sign of the times.

I have been a fan of RTS all my life. One of the first games I liked was Red Alert 2, and I can have a bad eye because of the minority all the time The World Is In Conflict. I thought my life would have a new RTS game forever; that the brand will continue to thrive steadily within the PC development economy. As a result, I became more and more confused when he was poor on a map. Why? he said anyone stop making RTS games? Has one of the most consecrated sections of the game – this sacred form that gave us the first game of the game and the old game series – been pushed to the edge? Fortunately, some of the RTS fighters had the answers.

“There are some amazingly stable players around Starcraft II, says Tim Morten, who worked on the RTS games at Electronic Arts and Activision Blizzard from 2014 to 2020. “The games have their area. But other games have begun to outgrow the players’ size. You can refer to the MOBAs. [multiplayer online battle arenas], or war races, or any other kind. RTS did not meet these standards. But it has remained healthy. I have seen internal machines install new RTS. For large state-owned enterprises, they want to reimburse those who own them. It’s just a business, and they should just look for the things that bring the biggest profits, “he says.

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