Best Discord Boats for Your Server

The simplest way Explaining Discord is like a Roman digital arena – a public place where you go to shout and listen to others shout. In a given server, there are games, trades, fights, even court cases (if you count the administrators). It is a good illustration, but it does not eliminate one important reason: The ancients had no bots.

Discord bots brings the system to the entropy of internet connection. All high-end Discord servers have bots, which provide the most important security, design, information, and entertainment. One can allow users to select titles so that others can know their location. Someone might order more information about the price of a well-known item – IRL or video games. There are voting bots, music bots, security bots. But unless you sign up for multiple Discord servers, you probably won’t know what’s out there.

WIRED has done this for you. Here are our favorite Discord bots:

All Goals

From 5,000 Roblox public servers to 10 social networking groups, these are the bottles that every server should have one. These versatile bottles provide basic configuration and foundation for a simple and efficient Discord server. This allows you to assign roles (either randomly or allow users to select titles with emoji), spam filters, user configuration rules, and log manager activities, and provides many other tools that are essential for editing. Discord main server.

MEE6: MEE6 must be on every server. And they live on 16 million. The bot is ubiquitous and equally useful on servers with only 15,000 or five members, welcoming new users with a consistent message and chasing them for spamming memes. MEE6 supports monitoring, custom code (such as answering frequently asked questions), and decision-making and is able to record events on a Discord server associated with administrators.

One of the things that Discord users really like is the ability to share users with different roles or responsibilities – for example, “Call of Duty Players “or” Administrators “or” Twitch Subscribers. “Responsibilities are a great way to give users permission to view or view other Discord content. The server owner can notify only subscribers or administrators of Twitch about something without @everyoneing, and users can know who to contact if they have questions or what other players share their love. Rocket League. MEE6 allows users to enter 250 sessions by clicking on a special emoji under Discord post. Many servers encourage users to elevate responsibilities – which MEE6 supports – by providing additional funding for developers, performing other tasks, or just staying longer.

At a cost of $ 12 per month, MEE6 offers the highest standards (such as letting you know if a viewer is staying on Twitch) and the ability to edit.

Carl-bot: Carl-bot has the same functionality as MEE6, including more than 250 components and receiver messages. It can record events, make decisions, and minimize spammers. Most importantly, it allows users to set high-quality rules without any fees. It’s a little harder to complain than MEE6, which has an easy-to-use interface. Carl-bot’s premium fee, $ 5 per month, upgrades the system and streamlines the terms of reference.

For Secure, Clean, and Friendly Server

Discord servers can be a little risky. That’s what happens when you throw a group of unknown players into a living room. And since Discord has become very popular, many servers experience problems with spam. To make your digital site safer, kinder, and free of spam, consider adding a few of these bots: When you log in to a new server with, you receive a direct message confirming your identity. Users go to the page, log in to Discord, and go through the captcha to access the server. It’s a great way to make sure your public server is private (removing the bots you added intentionally!).

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