All the Ways Tech Has Saved Us This Year

Good 2021 and the year we fixed all the mistakes of 2020, huh? Well, even close. But for some people, 2021 was a year of reconsideration, resumption (or resignation), and reconnection. And technology was a big part of this, either through cloud services that keep us busy and thoughtful, or game-changing vaccines that allow us to embrace our friends and family.

This week Gadget Lab, Michael Calore and Lauren Goode are joined by Adrienne So and Julian Chokkattu to discuss which technologies or activities have had the biggest impact on their lives in 2021 — good or bad. And even though the Gadget Lab team knows better than to boldly predict or the 2022 elections (who knows what will happen next year!), They do offer tips for establishing good relations and expertise in the new year.

Show Notes

Read more about cloud games, and e-scooters, Peloton, and to release from the internet.


This week’s technical advice … all has nothing to do with technology. Adrienne acknowledges The Witcher’s series of books, written by Andrzej Sapkowski, for his dry, humorous jokes. Julian recommends Fine & Raw Chocolate, both for dining and drinking. Lauren recommends subscribing to physical magazines, such as New Yorker, Atlantic Ocean, and, you know, WIRED. Mike recommends pilsner, a tasty and refreshing non-alcoholic beverage.

Adrienne So can be found on Twitter @adriennemso. Julian Chokkattu is @JulianChoken. Lauren Goode and @LaurenGoode. Michael Kalore and @snackfight. Bling big number on @GadgetLab. The program was created by Boone Ashworth (@booneashworth). Our theme song is Solar keys.

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