How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Loving ‘The Sims’

The world is two years in Covid-19 disease plague, and things did not return to normal. Or life-like before 2020. The availability of vaccines for younger generations offers comfort and protection, for sure. But when adults refuse to get vaccinated (and vaccination variations continue around the world), coronavirus continues to evolve, posing new risks for those who are vaccinated. There is so much to think about and experience on a daily basis, especially when looking at work, family, and day-to-day challenges. Escape is considered important, but it is not always there. Bad news abounds without rest. That’s why 2021 is a year that really puzzled me. That is why this year I came back The Sims.

I have spent ten years avoiding this license. Not because it wasn’t fun, but because it was, maybe, too interesting. I spent a lot of time playing The Sims 3 came out in 2009 that I had to quit the game completely. I spent many hours in his little country, finding comfort and happiness as a dictator (compassionate) ruler in my Sims life as they went to work, decorated their homes, and built their relationships. It was confusing, and I was ignoring everything in the real world to play in its original form. I am The Sims, I had no self-control.

Now I am convinced that I do not care. My inner argument against picking The Sims 4 for the past few years I have not had the time to enter as I have in the past. My time is still sacred, but nowadays a lot of it has been worrying, as well as frustrating The Sims can reduce that — and today I am more self-disciplined.

After waiting (impatiently) for the game to be downloaded and installed, I sat in a straight line for four hours and played while recovering from the flu. Getting to Know My Sim is getting the job I want (and learning the basics of new games and expansion packs) exactly which I need to heal. I was terrified The Sims for a long time because I was worried it would take my life; but what I do not realize is that in order to clear my brain and begin to feel better about the difficulties in my life, I needed to dedicate myself to its power.

The Sims not only did it relieve my stress, it also gave me a chance to reflect on some of the challenges I have been facing. As I reflect on my Sim career, based on my passion, the quiet pace of the game gave me time to reflect on my own. As Sim struggled with the challenges of the relationship, I thought of the friends I lost last year, which have been more stressful than I can handle. Playing slow-moving but very deep-rooted games, instead of my favorite RPG games, allows me to think more deeply about my real problems.

Even better, after the first marathon playing spurts, my relationship with The Sims 4 it’s_I can say – healthy. I have played for an hour or two here and there before I do anything else. I enjoy it, for sure, but it does not force me as much as before. It turned out that what I had been avoiding for ten years because I feared it would ruin my life has made it better. Apparently, living in a figurative sense is not the only way to avoid reality — it is the only way to cope.

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