What Google’s long-term search for is in America in 2021

Every year, Google releases the most popular search lists in the United States, providing readers with an interesting view of the American id.

Instead of just showing what people are really looking for, these lists are highlighting words and phrases that people are searching for this year that were not the case before. In other words, this search speaks to our fears, aspirations, and recent questions – things we were embarrassed to ask anyone but Google.

As Google data editor Simon Rogers he buried me last year, “You are not as honest as you are with your search engine. You know what people care about and what they want to know – not how they express themselves around the world. ”

The list is, naturally, ubiquitous, but a few well-known topics climbed to the top, giving a glimpse of what it was like to be an American in 2021. This year, our research history spoke to our curiosity about certain things. such as cryptocurrencies and NFTs, as well as constant financial insecurity, evidence and our questions about when we will receive our checks and whether we are eligible for student loan debt. The cultural differences between the Millennium and Gen Z came to the fore as to what types of hair and jeans were fashionable, as do some TV shows that seem to attract everyone, such as the TikTok pasta or Squid game makeke. And finally, in the year that the Covid-19 vaccine became available, many Americans turned to the search engine to find out how to become a normal person again, as people went back to private events and had to know what people wear pants for. wear non-pants.

Interest in the economy – and insecurity

From your point of view, 2021 was probably the year that the cryptocurrency grew into a reliable asset, was portrayed as a fraud, or just started. many. It was well known on Google.

Dogecoin was a favorite theme of both “how to” and “where to buy” (people, however, were more interested in where to buy than they would say). The price of ethereum was the highest search. Meme stocks like AMC and GameStop were also the most popular hunt right there in 2021. They were also, oddly enough, thriving in the stock market this year.

Perhaps furthering this new interest in the stock market – and other economies as a means of rapid economic recovery – is the economic uncertainty in the US. A long-term search for the Mega Million lottery and promotional checks shows that their regular earnings are not over. Long-term job search includes challenging but flexible jobs, such as Amazon retailers and Doordash drivers.

Although delay repaying student loans and interest until January 2022, it was rare for Americans to ask student debt forgiveness and suspension this year. The rise in student loan debt has created a huge financial crisis for many young Americans, which has caused everything from housing delays to economic inequality.

There is no financially viable search that is consistent, perhaps because your contribution to your 401k is less than a blockchain (and possibly a financial bet). Pages like TikTok are full of financial advice, but it may be wise to use them in designing clothing rather than in the acquisition of wealth.

TikTok features and features

This year, a especially the most destructive war between a thousand years and Gen Z played on TV and in the hunt. The small group laughed at the millennium for doing millennial things like wearing side effects and skinny jeans – and for being homeless. Some millenniums took the criticism very seriously and did not understand the joke. Some just look google if the jeans look good or the bell bottom jeans were black (it was all a hunt going on).

Instead of showing off anything about the millennial style, melée instead showed arrogance among millennials who, once only as a symbol of any powerful grievance, are probably losing their culture.

The internet was also full of events that seemed to have been going on for generations. Many types of food (TikTok pasta), systems (dark education), and popular systems (Pete Davidson) have emerged in Google search, although it is not known how powerful they are since each day it seems like something new is coming down on TikTok. or a cultural approach.

As Vox cultural reporter Rebecca Jennings told me recently, the spread has become so widespread that the rise and fall of events is taking place faster than ever before. So even though cottagecore hunting, fox haircuts, and hamantaschen are going well, it is probably not necessary to know what it is.

How to move forward

This was a year in which the American people not only gained a working knowledge of vaccines but also favored the pharmaceutical companies that supply them. “Pfizer or Moderna” was a short search, as people claim their loyalty to #TeamPfizer or #TeamModerna and media articles and even. business. This research was a relief between them.

In addition to the search for where to get vaccinated, the search for nearby shops, bowling, brunch, and buffet tops the list for “near me”. This was an event that was unexpected last year, when the hunt that took place included finding toilet paper near the exhibits. Newcomers to Google wore costumes to concerts, wedding showers, and graduates – again, events that did not exist last year. The ongoing hunt is a sign we are trying to remember how we can get better once we are amazing.

Perhaps the most troubling part of the search engine that was successful for me was the search that started with “how to live.”

Guided by how you can qualify for inspiring inspections but beyond, it points to the extreme insecurity that many of us experience after almost two years of being alone: ​​“How to be beautiful,” “How to be happy on your own; ”“ How to be happy with yourself, ”and“ How to be a good kisser ”all made a list.

These lists are a fascinating glimpse of what it is like to be an American in 2021: hardships, hopes, and economic and social uncertainties. It is also a good reminder that many of the things about how we live can not be known online.

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