Sony Pulse 3D Wireless Headset Review: Spatial Sound for PS5, Cheap Hardware

When parents buy The new PlayStation 5 family – like them can find one-luckily they will catch up a few additions to the first party go with the console. This could include Sony’s latest version Pulse 3D Wireless Headset. These headphones are a bit of a hassle for PS5 owners, but I’ve come to tell you to enhance your look – you don’t have to stick with Sony-made gadgets.

Pulse 3D does the job very well, considering the cost of $ 99, but you don’t need headphones to get the most out of the new 3D PlayStation 5 technology. Save your money. Chances are you have connected headphones located around which may be sufficient.

For PS5

This wireless device comes with a USB dongle that you connect to a PC, Mac, or PlayStation, and that is what integrates Pulse 3D with the system. You also get a 3.5-mm headphone cable so you can plug it into anything with an audio jack. However, on almost every device you find an audio stereo. The design is Sony’s Tempest 3D audio technology, which is only available when you connect Pulse to PS5.

Tempest is a new technique that allows gamers to bind words to certain objects and make the sounds change according to their context, which makes the game even more intense. The trick is that it all happens in the program. Pali a very difficult description for how it all works, but the good news is that it works on most stereo ears. No circular noise is required, almost or not, hearing sensations that sound like they are moving in three directions.

This puts Pulse 3D in an awkward position. Even a hidden interpretation in the name, you really do not needs a Sony headset first to benefit from the Tempest system. Almost any wireless or wireless headset can do this. This means that Sony’s equipment must be up for grabs.

On such a low-key head, the Pulse explodes with a thunderstorm and delivers clear, clear voice. When paired with the PS5, there are three modes to choose from – level, bass boost, and shooter – and three slots that you can customize yourself. It is a good way to change the wording as you like and return to the same settings later if you choose to change it.

Too bad there is no microphone in Pulse 3D (remote microphones that usually come out of the head). Earphones do not do a good job of separating your voice from the background sound, so if you are playing loud, you will want another look.

Strict Design

Photo: Sony

The physical appearance and design of the headphones are like a computer-generated image (CGI) in a video. When you do well, you may not notice the look, but when it does, it turns out to be a big toe. Pulse 3D falls into the final camp. The plastic canvas cover and headband are inexpensive and lightweight. The buttons on the left of the ear cap are thin, sharp, and comfortable to touch.

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