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In winter, Mrs. the nose gets very cold, very fast. Whether I live at home or on the street, my nose — in contrast with any other part of my body — gets frozen, ruining everything I do. A few weeks ago, after struggling for years, I bought a vacuum cleaner. . Yes, they are there. I, technically, with a purple fur cap with a belt: you put your nose in it, and the nose gets hot. The problem is solved — or so I thought.

What I did not consider when buying a nasal heater was to look at. Just try walking in the warmer nostrils. Even in the London blasé — and after two years of wearing a well-known mask — people will look at you, make fun of you, and, in some cases, judge you for wearing the fur on your nose. Now I wear warm clothes on my nose outside if necessary; I usually use it in my home. Which brings me to the question: If the world can not cope with warmth, will it be ready for exoskeletons?

Hong Kong– and the Shenzhen Enhanced Robotic company have developed Sportsmate 5. On top of that, it looks like a very sophisticated belt. In fact, it is an exoskeleton – a piece of robotic clothing that can help a person to exercise – designed for athletes and athletes alike.

Robotic development hopes Sportsmate 5 will be the first to buy the exoskeleton: Currently, this type of machine is made by the mind soldiers (Darpa has been supporting technical research for many years) or used in medicine as a walking aid people with spinal problems.

Photo: Nick Wilson / Enhanced Robotic

The Sportsmate 5 pitch is very different: It wants to help you run faster or longer without getting too tired, and it wants to be an additional tool to increase your fitness. This work has been done so far raised $ 119,000 on Kickstarter-d conflict with an initial target of $ 7,500- and, if all is planned, the first weapons will be shipped in May next year at a cost of $ 1,458. Be at risk and pay your bills now, and this is going down to $ 899. But is it worth it? Luckily, Enhanced Robotic sent me a picture to try.

The design of the Sportsmate 5 is straightforward: It is a plastic belt – built-in airbags to deliver the perfect fit – with two small motors, or actuators, located at the waist. The actuators, with the help of a rechargeable lithium-ion 3,000-mAh / 22.2V battery installed on the back of the belt, controls the metal double-rod rod, which is also attached to two of the fabric leg straps, so that the strap on the thighs. .

The exoskeleton comes in a variety of shapes – I had to give my hips and thighs a weight – and, in the end, it should weigh 2.5 kg and add two straps to the shoulder. My model was a little heavy (about 3.5 kg) and had no shoulder straps.

Developed Robotic Founder and CEO Hanqi Leon Zhu not only favors Robocop: he is a talented electrical engineer and academic, and the company says – in combination with working with trainers and runners – it continues to work “on mechanical research.” With students at the University of Michigan and Clemson. University.Of course, Zhu gave his all PhD courses, offered in 2020 at the University of Texas at Dallas, to develop a new type of low-cost, easy-to-use drug.

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