Why Do Games Still Suffer With Trans Integration?

It arrived to be transparent and uncooperative, gaming companies are at risk. Change is happening, especially in the indie genre, but it is a long process that creates a vague impression. New releases that have the potential to challenge what is happening are often limited, as evidenced by the initial comments of Cyberpunk 2077: Fans split up if the inclusion of a passerby exceeds the hidden transphobia in the game.

Even some of the so-called good efforts, such as Dragon Season: Investigation and Our Last 2, relying on magic and divination. It becomes tiring of clichés and misunderstandings, aided by the lack of LGBTQIA + dialogue. If the Developers had taken the time to talk to various LGBTQ + players, they would have been commended for the flexibility needed to create queer circles that are well-rounded. Instead, trauma mines — especially trans trauma — are often more important, an issue that can be resolved if additional resources are presented to the table.

LGBTQ + games are getting worse, ”Phoebe Zeitler, an actress, tells WIRED.

At this time, the representation did not match; on each hit there are several missions, and the hits often come off independent game developers creating new stories, not traditionally AAA publishers who oppose risk. Games have struggled to represent LGBTQ + characters, previous generations using the combination as a joke, as a series of Grand Theft Auto. Sadly, the example of such skeptics has become increasingly sophisticated.

Learning From Big Mistakes-Budgeting

One example of how the integration of good intentions decreased by 2020 Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War and introduced a third gender approach in its customization tools. As Activision added a non-binary / trance strategy to the game, it seems to be moving forward – players in the LGBTQ + team eventually feel included.

Unfortunately, what Activision did was create a separate “non-labinary / trans” group. While we liked to point out that it was a non-gender approach, the reality was that Activision avoided total commitment, instead opting for the simple “alternatives”. It turned out to be an exaggerated posture.

Having a “team” may be appropriate for game military operations, modified files, and a private plot. However, once you realize that men’s and women’s choices are the same, “divisions” suddenly take on a negative connotation. It reinforces, unknowingly, the notion that homosexuals (and their players) and “others,” are somehow outside the norm.

When Activision announced this, the issue was he suffered praise and contempt from fans. Proponents of her case have been working to make the actual transcript of this statement available online. Meanwhile, opponents of the move have followed the well-known cry of “history” as a cover for homosexuality or transphobia.

Koma Call of Duty he is not alone. Also well known is September 2020 Cyberpunk 2077, sports which promised a lot, but all fell and burned within a few weeks after its release. Although the bugs strengthened his future, the game attempted to offer a different trans shape based on its shape. Players can choose between hair, makeup, and gender, but they are also allowed to choose a person’s genitals regardless of gender. gender from natural sex.

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