The Escapist Fantasy of NFT Games And Capitalism

Thousands of rich people Axie Infinity players have been lending their Axies to other players to reduce their 30 or 40 percent of their earnings. It is the same with NFT card games Splinterland‘digital cards, which, according to cofounder and COO Jesse Reich, contain “nonsense and capitalist acts … These players often live in developing countries such as Ecuador or the Philippines. (More than half Axie Infinity players and Filipino, According to Sky Mavis). Most of them are part of education or “organizations”. Players lend their accounts to each other, sharing usernames and passwords, as part of relationships with managers and staff created at Discord. Mu Axie Infinity‘s Discord, most employees “apply” for positions every 10 minutes, sharing why they should be hired, what they play, and how good their internet connection is.

After realization Axie Infinity The players share their usernames and passwords as follows last year, Gabby Dizon, the Philippine mobile operator, decided to form a partnership with Yield Guild Games, a “money-making sports team” with 15 different roles. Siu was the first Investor. Dizon described the team’s business model in an interview with WIRED: “We come, buy and produce a lot of Axies, and then I lend them to players.” Players receive 70 percent of their earnings, while “circuit managers” who recruit and direct them on a daily basis instead of YGG earn 20 percent. YGG alone receives 10 percent and can recoup tokens to produce more Axies. Each party receives its benefits only, through a self-contained blockchain program, or a smart partnership, developed by YGG.

“Right now, we have about 5,400 Axies. Next year, this time, we want to be hundreds of thousands,” says Dizon. So far, his betting seems to have paid off: YGG received Andreessen Horowitz ‘s $ 4.6 million in August. In a blog post announcing the agreement, the firm promoted the philosophy of the true meaning of “work” – and how the concept changed as a result of crypto and games. In Dizon’s mind, Axie and similar titles are not in the same league as other television games. “This game is really competitive [for players] and other types of gig-services such as Uber, or Grab or Gojek, where you give food to someone and get paid for it, “he says.” Why not work from home, play the game, and get paid instead? “

Rise of Axie Infinity it happens when the boundary between money and sports grows porous. Programs like Robinhood have helped to make money fun and lower the barriers to entry by providing jobless business. Digital currency exchanges have also grown exponentially, offering opportunities for investors who expect to make less money at fixed crypto currencies. The idea of ​​investing in everyone, including the poor and financial institutions, could be due to the Covid-19 and the financial crisis that many have experienced over the past two years, says Jill Carlson, founder of financial research. non-profit Open Money Initiative: “This brought people to the system,” he says. “You see the turmoil and the questions, ‘Why can’t I control my financial situation?’” WallStreetBets’ GameStop operation to the popularity of meme money like Dogecoin Shiba You. The proliferation of stock trading has made the chairman of the US Securities and Exchange Commission, Gary Gensler, repeatedly. opposition “Gamification of investing.”

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