5 Multiple Cooking Books: Urvashi Pitre, Madhur Jaffrey, American Trial Kitchen

Multicooker, especially them made by Instant Pot, have become major tools in our kitchens over the last few years. Also known as electric cooks, they moved from the stovetop to the countertop as an excuse to change the picture.

Not to be outdone by the catastrophic explosions that our grandmothers put on gas burners, these new versions are quieter and easier to use, and can cut down from start to finish to make a delicious weekend meal. school night. They make a comforting meal – stew, chili, mac and cheese, beans, risotto – and turn the wounds of an animal into a deep, silky wonder.

However it is important to note that multicookers and slow cooks kiss their relatives, working the same way on different systems. For some, it may be easier to gather food in a small pot in the morning before work and return to the aroma at the end of the day. Some people can turn on the pressure and press on the Instant Pot dinner one way as soon as they enter the door.

The constant popularity of Multicookers has led to the proliferation of books that help home cooks to take full advantage of their device. This is my favorite, thanks to their well-tested recipes, full of flavor.

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