Investigators Have a Way to View Reddit State-sponsored Trolls

The use of such an analysis is welcomed by those who oversee disinformation and technical principles. “New online security regulators and independent accountants should look at the use of technology such as TrollMagnifier, to see how security is available, thus enabling social networking sites to respond to cybercrime,” said Max Beverton-Palmer, director of the internet policy unit by Tony. Blair Institute for Global Change. A Reddit spokesman states that their policy prohibits disruption, which includes any publicity campaign and anything that is offered to mislead or slander anyone or an organization. “We have committed ourselves to groups that recognize and prevent this from our platform using predictive tools and human monitoring,” the spokesman said. “As a result of our team’s efforts, we remove 99 percent of the content that the user violates before the user can see it.”

But Higgins and another researcher, Yevgeniy Golovchenko of the University of Copenhagen, who studies disinformation, have no doubt about the evolution of student troll hunting methods. Some natural phenomena can be seen as a troll, says Higgins, pointing to past mistakes, an important study of studies that have not been able to accurately distinguish between what is real and what is real. “I would be interested in looking at what is being made from this to see how many people connect with each other against government-sanctioned trolls,” he says. Golovchenko is affected by the same results. “It’s a very interesting topic, and the paper is very popular, but I don’t know how to determine the accuracy of the tool that the authors offer,” he says. For one thing, the weapon is trained in the accounts that have been found — so, in the worst case scenario, that probably represents the strongest point in government support. Golovchenko stated: “These matters are not known. “Such training always gives us less – in terms of design, because we’re talking about state athletes who spend money to keep it a secret.”

Some are very happy with the paper and their findings. “The evidence for each tool is used, and, based on the results here, the researchers have developed a clever way of further identifying the accounts involved in the merger,” said Ciaran O’Connor, an expert on the study. Institute for Strategic Dialogue, which oversees fraud and extremism on the Internet. O’Connor, however, points out that it is difficult to conduct such a search without a list of known account accounts to see echoes of a possible object on Reddit, which is open to extracting data to assist researchers. “Appearing on social media is a difficult process, and we will say that more is always a helpful solution, and later it helps the platforms to support themselves, to understand and deal with the upcoming strategies, tools, and stories that are loved by the perpetrators. Social media , ”He said.

This exposure has enabled researchers to see the system as a troll — and it is a rewarding way for researchers to hope to return to Reddit. “I think this kind of approach will really benefit online dating companies,” says Stringhini. He points out that although it has a lot of visual cues that can provide information about the true history of users of the troll, such as IP addresses and browser fingerprints, monitoring the submission process can help identify the most anonymous users.

Finding false users can be deceptive, however, because of Reddit’s problems. Bootinbull fell silent on the platform on December 3, 2015, 50 days after its first posting, the work of heart and mind seems to have failed — or ended. Their farewell place? Ic: Responding to the set of long jokes in r / joke starting with a woman asking a man “Do you drink alcohol?” Bootinbull interrupted with the response, “Alcohol only :)”.

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