WIRED Looks For The Future Of Truth

First Matrix The film ushered in a generation of science fiction fans from the perspective of ancient philosophy: What if all your realities were deceptive? Twenty years later, the plot of the film – the free-spirited people try to expose the lies behind the oppressive system. his time as before, but his ideas sound strange. The technology that has been acquired since then raises the question of what is real, but now it is done in more ways than the film predicted, if it is often bad.

Your daily routine is more complex: Computer words become more real wise speakers, deepfakes bring the dead actors back to life, and AI-based artwork goes to the eyes and trees in the market. Simulacrum is also growing into food: supermarket shelves already have plenty of substitutes for animals and other animals, and soon “real” meat, grown in the lab, he will join them. You can become real and add your own physical and real characters (Pokémon Pitani), street signs (Google Live View), or seats (Ikea Studio). All of your social media profiles may be real, but does each one reflect the “real you”? The same question applies to profiles that you may not have seen, that have been created by credit card companies, shopping malls, or search engines. Each one is the type of you that affects your physical life and, if there are errors in the data, it makes you a person who you are not. And now, everyone is suddenly talking about building something called “metaverse. ”

In short, things are already amazing, and they are getting very, very fast. So we decided to work on the release of The Resurrection of the Matrix as the starting point for a WIRED special case study of the future of reality – a question that is not “What if we all live in a fantasy world and do not know it?” but “What happens when we are in the simulation and reality at the same time, and we know it, but we have a problem separating them?” In that case, it does not matter if you take a red or blue pill: We are all going to the rabbit hole. —REAT

Information from a special WIRED series on the results of Matrix permission — and the future of reality

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