How bad is the omicron difference?

Experiment: It’s hard to try to spread in the lab, so this is a test that happens in the real world. Investigators have used a series of tests to determine which component of covid-19 cases they detect because of omicron. If the figure starts to grow, and if the same size is observed in different countries, it will be a sign that the omicron is spreading rapidly.

That is what happened to the alpha species, which appeared in United Kingdom in 2020. By December of that year, the number of cases in Britain had risen sharply, and within a few months it had regained control of Europe and the US. Later, alpha was transferred to delta. With both species, alpha and delta, it took about four months from the time they were notified to read most cases. If the omicron follows this, it will be a big problem by March or April 2021.

“When we look at the alternative, it shows an opportunity to publish,” says Thiel. “But if it happens in one place, it could be a matter of chance.” It is said that the rise of the omicron in South Africa, in itself, does not prove that diversity is contagious.

Recently: Convincing evidence of a large spread can take up to a month or more. This is because it takes 5 to 6 days for a newly infected person to develop enough virus to transmit the virus to others. And in order to determine if an omicron is rapidly spreading, researchers will need to look for a number of diseases and spread them.

Such research can accelerate if researchers extend the duration of the follow-up period based on previous examples. Earlier, doctors in Nigeria said they had found an omicron in a covid-19 bank model in the country. Dutch authorities also found omicron charges there since mid-November. This can provide past info.

Next: SARS-CoV-2 virus is not the only mutation; so is the human stage where the plague is playing. Omicron will face a wide variety of conditions than any other nation, including countries where almost everyone is vaccinated, countries that use different vaccines, pre-existing covid-19 regions, and “zero-covid” countries such as China and New Zealand. This means that the omicron can hold in some places but comes out in other places.

DDoes omicron cause the most dangerous diseases?

Concerns: Initially, some South African doctors said that the symptoms caused by the new changes seemed to subside, but later there were reports that more medical beds were filling up. At this point, no one really knows if the omicron causes the worst symptoms or not.

The problem is that the omicron is so new that most people only have a week or two, while it usually takes several weeks for covid-19 to cause serious side effects or death. “I was quick to point out the dangers of disease. So far, we cannot say for sure, ”said Christian Althaus, a Bern epidemic specialist.

Experiment: Measuring the development of the disease, researchers may identify lab animals like mice or monkeys at the omicron, but the final answers will come from real-world human factors, including medical examinations, medical records, and death statistics.

Recently: Whether the omicron causes serious illness, or different symptoms, is probably the question that will take a long time to answer — perhaps several months.

With all the uncertainty surrounding the omicron, as well as the potential for the vaccine to be ineffective, researchers are reminding people of ways that they say will prevent the spread of any other species, such as isolation, conflict, and wearing masks. “There is no difference where the intervention will not work,” says Thiel.

They also say that the omicron is a symbol of things to come. “In the months or years to come, it will be difficult. There will be new species; we should expect that, ”he says. “But stock markets should not respond to all races in fear. That is the future, and we must fight it.”

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