Online Games With A New Support Office

In the beginning weeks of epidemic, Monet Goldman experimented with various ways of dealing with anxiety. “I was exercising, meditating, and doing yoga,” she says Goldman, legalized marriage and family in Santa Clara, California. But he did not feel better until he started playing a game that he was familiar with: computer games. In the bright, deep world of online games, Goldman found solace — and began to rejoice again. While he and his associates struggled to fit in with almost every client, he wondered if the game could also benefit his patients.

Goldman began teaching other therapists how to use online games in their work, right from the start Roblox, a multi-million dollar game platform popular with 5- to 12-year-olds in the United States. In the Zoom section with two elementary school boys, Goldman got things started by asking the kids to name their favorite Roblox game. At first, “it is like a silent television. Everyone has their own cameras, “says Goldman. Finally, a young man mentioned Brookhaven, a game set up in a crowded city. Soon the children were happily leading each other around the playground, their embarrassment forgotten.

As a full-time service, which uses toys to help patients express their thoughts and feelings, online games provide another form of communication. For some people who are concerned about their appearance or speech, the game is an opportunity to find “multi-colored words,” whether by avatars, cartoons, or other digital objects, says Goldman. He noted that children who suffer from poor personal support are more likely to survive and to have more confidence in their environment. “That has been a great help,” she says. Today, Goldman advises children, adolescents, and adults, including mixed sports and communication.

Although the reintroduction of video games to medical treatment is not uncommon, the interest of traditional healers in this genre has intensified and the epidemic has led to a dramatic change in telehealth. Josué Cardona, the founder of the hospital, stated: “Many of the patients were terrified Geek Therapy, a nonprofit organization that promotes the use of video games and other popular TV shows. In December 2019, the Facebook group Geek Therapy had less than 1,000 members, according to Cardona; now has over 5,400. Physicians use online games in a variety of ways, from joining clients on platforms like Roblox or Minecraft to patients playing independently at clinics.

How Sports Can Help

“Video games have this technique to attract attention and keep it, ”which may be the first step in helping patients manage stress, he says Aimee Daramus, psychologist and author of Understanding Bipolar Disorders. Working with adults with major mental illnesses, including anxiety, depression, and schizophrenia, Daramus uses computer games as a bridge to other coping skills. If one is tired of the distractions during the session, playing a video game for a few minutes may help to reduce stress. At the same time, Daramus explains, a method such as psychological information becomes more accessible to the patient.

Some research suggests that video games can be as effective — and as effective — as other mental processes, especially because of anxiety. A 2017 a study published in Defensive Science found that game MindLight was very effective as a children’s awareness program to reduce children’s anxiety. Mu another lesson, recording computer games reduces patients’ concerns more than adding second-line treatment to their treatment.

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