Do You Think Climate Change Is Harmful? Wait until Geoengineering

READ: See this? In the eyes, can we see anything?

KR: Yes, at a reasonable level. It changes the number of direct and indirect radiation. Hence the idea is that the sky may be a little whiter, and, for example, the sunset is much brighter. It is much smaller than the difference between a desert from California to a city. The white celestial object is no longer, in my opinion, probably the biggest problem.

WIRED: What about toxicology? Are these things good for life on Earth?

KR: It’s not dangerous – it’s the same thing that comes from electronic plants. Its prevalence in one area infects people and crops. But, on a scale, the amount you need in the stratosphere is a process, much smaller than what we emit from electronics, and it spreads across the globe.

People have done some research on this, and it seems that perhaps the greatest risk from microscopic species could be the extinction of far-flung species – polar ecosystems that are less affected by urban pollution at present, but I can learn a lot from this. Especially because tiny particles go into the trees, most of the time, before they release into the stratosphere.

WIRED: Say the world says, ‘We’ll do this.’ They want to cool their world by spraying stratosphere chemicals, and it doesn’t matter if they are around the earth.

KR: Legally, it is difficult, because countries have their own space to space, in particular. It’s a little strange. So people can pump things up on their land, and it goes everywhere. Then [the particles] stay in the atmosphere for about a year and a half. It diffuses and radiation can work immediately. That is why after a great volcanic eruption, you see the instantaneous global warming that lasts from one year to two years and then subsides again. That’s why you won’t need to spray things every day, really. If you stop doing this for two years, the results will be gone.

WIRED Handbook on Climate Change

The world is getting hotter, the weather is getting worse. Here is all you need to know about what people can do to stop destroying the world.

It’s hard for me to see how we are no I do it right now, because it’s cheap. Already the effects of climate change are looking so confusing that I do not see in this country how such a cheap method can be used by anyone else. There is nothing on earth that can quickly cool the world. Even if we start actively decarbonizing it emitting CO2 into the atmosphere, still ten years later. While blocking out sunlight, climate change begins immediately.

WIRED: I have seen some drawings that if you suddenly stop geoengineering solar, you could have a heat problem. very high and dangerous species.

KR: If the app crashed, and we block high temperatures with stratospheric geoengineering, you can overheat if someone stops working. I mean, it would be dangerous if we stopped drinking drinking water, would it? There are some things people do that we should continue to do, or it is a disaster.

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