How To Prevent Work Notes From Taking A Toll

Thanks to Global events that have affected almost everyone in the world, many of us now working at home – or not all – for a week. This has obvious consequences, unless you really enjoy your trip, and it also makes it harder to keep a balance between work and anything else.

We are talking specifically about information outside of work hours, whatever may happen. Consider emails from your employer or the Slack Company or the upcoming updates: If you keep this information up to date, you’ll never run out of work.

The best time you will find your leisure time and rest is interrupted by distractions; worst of all, they are dragging you to finish a job or follow a job that may wait until tomorrow (or at the end of the week.) If you do not get the information, you do not know what you need. – in the best possible way. This is how you set it up.

Internal Settings within Your Apps

Some programs allow you to limit notifications at times.

Slack via David Nield

Before you get into the preferences of your phone and laptop, look at the apps you use most often at work: They may have their own preferences to make sure they are quiet at certain times of the day (or other days a week.) If you can install apps your essentials in this way, you will not have to worry about any other preferences.

Take Slack, for example. Open Slack online, click your big image in the top right corner, then select Preferences. Pa Notifications tab, along with a complete suspension notification (which your superiors would not like), you can use Allow notifications settings down Notification list just letting notifications at certain times of the day. You can also set a specific time for different dates.

Perhaps your workplace would like Microsoft Groups to go Slack. You may not be able to set working hours in Groups, but you can customize the recipients’ notifications and notifications of the devices being sent to you – so you can turn off notifications on your phone and save them on your laptop, for example. To fix everything available, from computer interface to Preferences and more, Preferences, and Notifications.

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