Tech Review: Gympact – Pros and Cons of Paid Exercise

This is my new gym. I make black roasted coffee and danish cheese:

This is my new gym. I make black roasted coffee and danish cheese:

Well, I was hoping this was my new gym based on the mobile app GymPactallows you to place any home as a gym. From there, every time you “enter” the gym with your mobile phone and sit in a geo display for over 30 minutes, you get paid.

That’s right, you get paid to “exercise.”

Unfortunately (or by chance), GymPact did not fall for my fraudulent use of local food into a gymnasium. As I think in my life a habit of tension:

It would not be good if the gym pays you to exercise. We would all be great athletes and gymnastics without money. Alas, we are not and they are not.

All right. Hence the mental test is true. Why don’t we hear more about this amazing launch that has recently been linked to my favorite program, Runner? Let’s see why this program works, and why it doesn’t work.

How GymPact Works

The GymPact subscription method is very useful. I chose to sign online, in contrast to the type of phone as I still find that texting on my mobile phone is tedious. GymPact, on the other hand, really wants you to go to a mobile phone. Most of all, that made their computer signature look like the face of an iPhone.

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You start by establishing your own contract or, how many days you will be volunteering to go to the gym. Three days a week will earn you $ 2.10 a week if you fulfill your contract. Rewards range from $ 0.50 to $ 0.75 per workout.

On the next page, you setup your wager. Missing exercise gives you $ 5 fixed. That’s a lot more than $ .50 right? Isn’t that right? Well, as my fifth-grade teacher used to say, “The soul is powerful and then dies.” Public education is good and so is the rate of reward. More after that.

The next step is to link your Facebook account, and enter your credit card information to receive rewards or frustrations. If you want to get the most out of your credit card startup, you are wise to take a break. Yet the ministry is PCI (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) compliantso I would not sweat. You will be charged a fee to verify your credit card.

Evidence is in the Database

Your first task as a GymPact participant is to set up your gym. It is estimated that their gymnasium has 40,000 gymnasiums. My local food was not in the barn, though they call it “Mau’s Crossfit.” There is a fool and a CrossFit exercise is born every day, but GymPact is not stupid and diet is not a sport. At least without any guarantees. I thought I had found a problem with their system until I received this email about 20 minutes after I entered:

Hi Mauricio Balvanera,

Sorry – we noticed your Mau’s Crossfit gym has not yet been confirmed.

Due to the reliability of GPS, we can not calculate the house, apartment or gym area in the office. It can also be difficult for us to secure a new location, a small site / subdivision and an area without internet access.

If you think something is wrong, just send the name, page, address and phone number of your gym to to see it again! Until then, the exercises you have done here will not be counted in your Pact.


GymPact Group

My Danish cheese was no longer delicious. I was not alone in my rebellion. Their recently released youtube video was a chalk full of comments that tried to play the system.

Why GymPact Works

Game designers often learn about reward reduction / punitive strategies. As well as economists. Like sports psychologists. There is a way to promote humanity that makes the idea of ​​GymPact irrational. But as game developers and financial analysts constantly change machines to keep the game running smoothly, you may need to do the same.

But do not change too much. Try adding $ 5 to $ .50. One way forward, ten steps back will make you fight to take those smaller steps. I find that it is similar to how our bodies react to unrelated or ineffective training.

GymPact claims to have 90 percent functionality. This may or may not be an advertising sign, but the fact that the program forces you to stay in the gym, can make you more athletic.

Why GymPact Doesn’t Work

After my danish experiences, I found another way to play the game with the help of my friends in low-lying areas. There is no need to publish the hack, but the point is, the system is flawed in a way that affects the entire system. The best paid income comes from a pool that has not been successful.

I do not mean to imply that the first thing people do is try to destroy the system, but anyone who relies on compensation as his or her first workout reward, will probably fall into that category. And that brings us to the most important flaw in the system.

Why do you exercise? I immediately thought Simon Sinek Ted Talk, How Senior Leaders Encourage. Look later because it is an amazing rabbit hole. But the important thing is that successful people win because “Because” of their goal, it covers “what” and “How.” If you exercise because you expect to be paid, you will fail. Not a chance. You will. If you exercise because you want to be healthy and happy, then we are getting somewhere.

Paying money can serve as a second motivation tool, but it should not be your main driver, so GymPact needs to be more than just a pay-per-click machine to be successful.

So Should I Use GymPact?

Yes. It is not a perfect system, but social checks are very helpful and RunKeeper integration is a great change. Here’s how:

  • At least 1/2 miles distance.
  • At least 30 minutes of activity in which your movement is more than two miles per hour (but much slower than driving!). If in doubt, walking for five minutes, running, or riding a bicycle does not hurt.
  • Length of three hours.

The program is here for free on iOS but there is an Android version coming soon. Danish cheese is sold separately.

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