North Carolina City Surrounded by Armadillos

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In the thick darkness, Jason Bullard skillfully picks up his rifle and places it on the object. “This looks like one!” he murmured. It is like a fuse box. Another candidate, who also looked at the gun, poses as a rock.

In this town surrounded by armadillos, everything resembling an enemy of war is in doubt.

Bullard, a kind man with a sleek, sleek demeanor and a clean-shaven beard, walked away blindfolded from his western corner. North Carolina killing 15 of them last year. In just the last two weeks, he has sent eight animals.

Homeowners, concerned about the torn grass and new mammals, initially called Bullard a hunter-gatherer, and gave him $ 100 for each dead animal he produced. But armadillos has so badly damaged the flower culture so many people in Sapphire, North Carolina now have a Bullard on the shelf, which allows them to roam around their place at night, armed, hoping to shoot the culprits.

This work has been learned intensively on the job. The familiar .22 rifles Bullard used on the first armadillo do not seem to kill them. One of the creatures ran wildly, like a kangaroo, and left the mysterious Bullard exploding. The snails emit a gleaming gray at night, a bright light that is absorbed by their bodies, rather than visible to their eyes.

“It’s like hunting wild animals,” says Bullard, a veterinarian. “We don’t know anything about them. We cannot easily kill them. They appear unexpectedly. And their numbers have soared. ”

To see armadillos in North Carolina, at first, it was inconsistent. The creature has been a Texas-based mammal for more than two decades, used for dry and smooth drying. There, they are regularly seen as roadblocks or in small races when they are designed to run a 40-foot rail.

Armadillo meat is eaten in Central America, and a few in the US, where it was called the “poor pig” in Depression-era Texas and was contaminated by leprosy alliances.

Sapphire, meanwhile, is located 500 miles[800 km]in and around the Blue Ridge Hills. It is part of a majestic rainforest that has formed a tropical rain forest, where the soil and rocks are wrapped in lush vegetation between the reefs and spruce. In autumn, the area is breathtaking in red and orange. The area also has a small gym.

When the first cardinal was seen here in 2019, Bullard made a phone call. “I could not believe it,” he said. I thought that she must have been drinking too much. But within a year, Bullard spent his nights at a local golf course, running from hole to hole in a golf cart, killing an armadillo on leaves like a cross between Tiger Woods and Davy Crockett.

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