AirTags Is The Best Thing experience For Tiles

April 20, Apple blew up the Tile business in the water. The AirTags announcement provided Tile, which was established in 2012, with direct competition, if not better, on its main line. Small Tile trackers, with people tying keys, bags, and bicycles, hit, bringing in $ 40 million. money this September I am sending a 50 per cent increase in the first half of 2021.

However, after AirTags hit stores in May this year, CEO of Tile CJ Prober to hit at his new company, a major competitor. Prober said Apple is a “runaway train,” adding that although Tile “receives competition from Apple,” it should be. justice competition.

Tile complaints range from how Apple was supposed to block Tile access on the “Find Me” network to the detriment of its old relationship – Tile followers were available for purchase at the Apple Store, and none. As for Prober, Apple was coming for lunch. Six months later, Tile released the latest Mate, Pro, Sticker, and Slim trackers. Tile Ultra, its first ultrawideband (UWB) The tracker — the same “GPS on the living room scale” within AirTags — is set to launch early next year.

Apple’s entry often allows for segment acceptance, as was the case with smartwatches. Has this happened with trackers now since they jumped on the market? According to Prober, business is good. “We have sold over 40 million Tiles. Funds rose in the first half of the year. The opening of third-party products, which we are most interested in, is up 200 percent annually. Business is good. “

But peace remains. Prober is still not happy with Apple and says what Apple did has affected his business in a way that is hard to take. “We’re seeing a huge increase in business – even though there’s a fair competition for Apple.” It was not long before you could buy Tile items at the Apple Store, says Prober. “Then, very quickly, we were evicted from their shops. They made a few changes to their platform which left a lasting impression on us, as they introduced the new Find My. In spite of all this, even though Apple is selfish, business is good, but, obviously, it is better if we compete fairly. ”

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