The 10 New Netflix Series Sounds Like Understanding the Importance

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Earlier this week, Netflix did the trick: it released the show’s statistics. To put it bluntly, the revolutionary giant has already done so-adding a top 10 carousel on your window here, leaving a nugget of the popularity of Strange Things there — but these numbers were different. These numbers were special. In contrast to Netflix’s previous metrics, they calculated everything stared for at least two minutes as a “view,” a figures released Tuesday Movies and TV shows selected based on the hours they watched – and they were all over the world. Although Netflix had already complained about its viewing, this seems like a huge opening for the reading room. “’Nonsense.’ BS. ‘ ‘You have chosen Cherry.’ ‘Unaudited.’ We have had a lot of metric answers over the years, ‘”Pablo Perez De Rosso, Netflix’s chief of thought, design, and analysis, wrote in a post. “So this summer we went back to the boardboard.” This move seemed like a brave, courageous one.

It was, too, like Todd Spangler he pointed mu Variety, “Flexibility.” The streaming service now has more 213 million subscribers, and wants the world to know that they are wasting many hours. In the past, Netflix has gained a lot from the popular secret of its movies and videos – everyone seems to be talking. Bird Box, but who actually saw it all? Non-disclosure of details led to the company’s collapse. But now that it has special viewing numbers, it boasts.

This little glimpse of the data comes at a time when Netflix needs to show all possible Ws. After years of being the first marketing strategy, it has begun lose cool points– if not real eyes – to new services such as HBO Max and Disney +. If establishing a a new splashy page he reminds you of that Red Notification then the biggest money in the world right now, is to help the company do this. That’s not a joke, by the way. According to Netflix figures, The Rock comedy series Ryan Reynolds, and Gal Gadot were seen for 148.72 million hours worldwide in the first week of its release.

But what does this actually mean? It’s hard to say. Red Notification with one hour and 57 minutes, then it could mean that about 78 million families watched the whole process, or 149 million subscribers watched about half of it, or 300 million people watched about 30 minutes, or … But that’s not really the point; the point is that now you wonder if people noticed that many hours Dune or Ted Lasso or something on competing promotional games. Number releasing is Netflix’s way of showing how the audience needs it in a pop culture discussion. I also have to try other services to get their numbers out, too.

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