Neal Stephenson’s Questions: Can Science Fiction Help Solve Our Big Problems?

Near him ten years as a novelist, Neal Stephenson has created a complex vision for the world of the future that, looking back at them now, feels strangely intelligent. He writes about ways in which globalization, pollution, and technological capitalism could change our world. Along the way, he introduced readers to ideas such as cryptocurrency, real estate, and metaverse. In his new book, Resolving Shaking, Stevenson brings readers to the fore as the eccentric billionaire prioritises a more comprehensive plan to reduce climate change by the explosion of sulfur in the Earth’s atmosphere. Sounds logical, doesn’t it? Maybe.

WIRED senior journalist Adam Rogers spoke to Neal Stephenson at the RE: WIRED annual conference earlier this month. This week, we will listen to the audio from this discussion, and hear from Adam about how Stephenson described it – and see part of his story-making and motivating action – in the November WIRED issue.

Show Notes

New book by Neal Stephenson Resolving Shaking available here. Read Adam’s WIRED story Neal Stephenson takes on Global Warming. See more from our RE: WIRED sections Pano.


Adam recommends shooting your Covid-19 vaccine if you deserve it, as well as the show Star Trek Prodigy. Lauren agrees Stanley Tucci: Search in Italy on HBO Max.

Mike encourages “The Veggie”Letter from The New York Times.

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