‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Destroys Worldwide Only

Dan Leckie ali has been a Star Trek fanning since he clung to the VHS drama for the first Christmas TV show of 1991. Leckie, from Aberdeen, Scotland, was immediately fascinated by the sci-fi series and his repetition, and attended meetings regularly to meet fellow fans. . But on November 16 he saw a surprise: Netflix stopped advertising for the first three seasons of Star Trek: Find-and the fourth season visuals, which are due to be launched on November 18, also disappeared.

Leckie’s recent experience could be a nightmare for Star Trek fans around the world: Netflix lost its fourth season Discover outside the US, as well as past seasons. They are now appearing on Paramount +, a promotional service formerly known as CBS All Access and owned by ViacomCBS — but not until 2022, and even then, not everywhere. (In the US, Star Trek: Find has been streaming to Paramount + / CBS All Access.) And Star Trek is just the beginning. What a bad news Discover fans now with another picture of the ever-increasing future of streaming.

Until recently, many digital owners (IP) sold copyrighted television and video content through pay TV, home television, and television. The idea of ​​online advertising was seen as a no-brainer. Then everything changed — and quickly. With Netflix’s growing popularity, Disney once again took over advertising on their big list and launched Disney + in November 2019, and re-launched it. 118 million subscribers to date. Others are following fast, from Discovery + to HBO Max and Britbox. And as the gameplay rushes to produce more, anyone who wants to sit down and watch their favorite movies is left with a headache. Instead of signing up for a single promotional campaign, each year people are asked to contribute even more to the competition.

“Many fans, both in the UK and around the world, are angry that they have to pay for another registration service in order to see it. Discover, and in time the Star Trek TV series, ”says Leckie. Glenn van t’Hof, Dutch Star Trek fan, and very stupid. “How difficult it is to announce this two days before the release date in Europe,” he said. “This is not for the benefit of the fans.” Leckie believes the move – which prevents outsiders from the United States and Canada from seeing the fourth season Discover until 2022-led many to the types of exhibitions. Netflix-based rights to Star Trek cover 190 countries and territories — but Paramount + will be available in 45 countries by the end of 2022.

Experts also question the value of Star Trek fans from switching to Paramount +. Andrew A. Rosen, a former head of Viacom digital media and founder of Parqor, a company that specializes in promotional activities, believes it is highly unlikely that Paramount + could even take over the economy, growth, or lead of Netflix commercials around major franchises such as Star Trek. Neither ViacomCBS nor Netflix did not respond to a request for comment.

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