Microsoft’s Bold Gamble Making ‘Infinite Halo’ Everlasting

“It was great,” he said. “As far as I can remember. I thought it would be like Call of Duty. ”

The difference between Call of Duty and Hello, says French, has always been a time of murder. In the past, death lasted one minute: You just have to look at the person first. Mu Hello, he says, shields mean that it takes time to bring down an enemy. Even suddenly, a good player can beat a bad one.

This is a martial arts dance, says the French: the slow pull of your enemies when you see them; rotation of bombs, bullets, and facial guns. All of this in an experimental world, where placing a plasma bomb under a submarine can trigger so high that you can set it up with a rocket, all hoping you can follow the trash in the clouds with a long shot and then pull out a shotgun. and shoot a man in the head. Like this.

French is not ashamed to admit: The success of most Halo players was Hello 3.

To regain that magic, he had to return to his original values. The game was led by a Squid game-as a mantra: Everyone starts well. Some names may have a production system, or a class system, or a hero with a certain skill, but in Hello, everyone should start at the same level of strength. The variability is determined by the temperature.

“Destruction is a law,” says French. You need to set the level of the drop shield or firearm that can change your waves. Newer sports from the previous games, such as the much-talked about running competition, complete this dance. But usually Spartan in Hello 5, says the French, was too strong to bear children. They had to be stripped again. “The more things you can do with a thruster, pounds down, shoulders, we want to get back into a competitive environment,” he says. “We want to strip the Spartan and get back to the idea that you belong to the Spartan core.”

HelloThe 4-vs-4 arena game is undoubtedly different from the zeitgeist games. The group looked at other shooters, of course, all of them, says Staten. So he talked to billions of dollars in the room: a war of attrition. When the group told IGN in 2019 that “The only BR we enjoy is the Battle Rifle, ”Was a bit exaggerated. “When we first started playing the game, we were obviously talking about it,” says French. There were some attempts during the development that broke the occupants of the game. War Royale really wasn’t one. There is room inside Hello, says the French, in the fight against war. But it is a campaign to test the open world, and Hello changing to live service games, they could not just all at once. One day they may make war. For now, you can make it in the forge (coming in May 2022.) At the moment, he says, the game is new, different from the competition.

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