How Facebook Can Get Out Of The Dating Trap

So what is the best way to think about these problems in terms of design?

This question is one of the reasons we set up the Institute, because there have been a few things that have been tested in space, to varying degrees, but most of the known ones exist in small groups within companies and have not happened. it was not widely distributed.

One of my favorite examples that I always point to is the Google search team and the work they did until 2015 or so. Google has developed some great search results. Everything has a purpose; they are not qualitatively monitoring the content, they are just looking for objective goals. Many are just the beginning checks on TV, such as: All things being equal, it is best if the publisher or producer of the content is clearly identified. Another is a variety of ways to measure the extent of what happened, because everything is the same, it is better if more effort is put in. The lowest sign here could be, what has been copied from elsewhere?

At this point, however, about knowing the standards of behavior, it seems, on one side, such as: Duh, of course the platform should try to show readers good and not bad. But they seem to be avoiding this, especially on Facebook, because they are afraid of being seen as playing a favorite, especially among user-generated content.

Many online dating companies that appear in the 21st century, much of what they say about their purpose and behavior is giving everyone a say. YouTube’s mission is to “Give everyone a voice and show them the world.” The purpose of Twitter is, I forgot exactly-

“Empowering everyone to create and share ideas and knowledge instantly without hindrance.”

“Immediately without obstacles,” yeah. Facebook’s first slogan was, “connect everyone in the world.”

All of these words are like, “Let everyone speak, show everyone, put everyone together,” and this may not fit any definition of goodness, to say what things we want to do better. on stage.

And they all grow very big. It should come as no surprise that the major platforms that survived the first or two generations of social media companies and those that prioritized growth, which they saw as great, are very useful, so you should. be as big as you can as quickly as you can.

There is a pessimistic idea of ​​this, that is, Facebook and other major platforms are making a lot of money by doing things the way they do now. And one thing that Facebook Papers have revealed is that they are as successful as Facebook-or Meta-is on the market, still scared of rivals like TikTok. So if you are thinking of a change that could lead to a short-term partnership, you think these company leaders think they would not risk putting another tired kid on TikTok because Facebook is trying to read it. a New Yorker story. So are we being ignorant even when we are talking about a platform to change the way it does?

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