‘Tiger King 2’ Gives More Memes Than Answers

Late of the third part of Tiger King 2– With Netflix correct until March 2020 explosive notes about the wild life of big cat collectors and conservationists – the “magician” is involved in an empty chicken coop near Porta Potty. The magician, employed by the millionaire’s missing daughter Don Lewis – a key figure in the original list – is believed to have stumbled when Lewis was killed “back” in 1997. “Did you guys realize I’ve been talking about chickens all day?” The scene is a wet one Tiger King 2 events: distractions, chaos, and leaving the viewer with more memes than they respond to.

What happened to Carole Baskin’s husband Don Lewis? According to a caller on the way set up by Lewis family lawyer John Phillips in August 2020: “Y’all could have stopped because we all know Carole Baskin did just that.” When Tiger KingThe first series showed speculation that animal rights activist Baskin killed her husband, many observers –including OJ Simpson-they thought the case had been opened and closed. In something mea culpa to Baskin, Tiger King 2 gives two sections to find out about Lewis’ disappearance, describing several people who wanted to die or go away.

“I was a little surprised by how interesting the public court was to Carole,” director Rebecca Chaiklin said in a statement released by Netflix before the release. Tiger King 2, which made the announcement on Wednesday. “I saw the need to go deeper and better understand her story and the story of her missing husband to see who could be responsible for her end in her most difficult life.” Yet with little new information about Lewis’ demise (re-investigated police officer, Moises Garcia, refusing to answer questions based on his research), the audience is focused on fiction (Garcia’s sympathetic notes). often useless).

That is when we see the beginning of a new kind: true crime. One disturbing photo shows a man hired to work for Baskin with a call telling the camera that he asked for a selfie and was forced – so it means that what he accepted for the picture was questionable. “I blamed him and you draw yourself ine? ” she says in disbelief, as if she had not asked him. Along with a police detective, five 40-minute episodes showcasing the music of a man named “Ripper” who runs a 5,000-member Facebook group: The Don Lewis Cold Case Files Group. With horses running behind him, Ripper (real name Jack Smith) proudly says: “I tell people I got my law degree from Google.” In the comparison of Garcia, Ripper favors conspiracy theories.

Lack of obvious specifications, Tiger King 2 it becomes a strange restaurant: one part look at the results of our original essays, two parts Don Lewis, and two parts yes, about those cats. So far, the series is very light on Tiger King himself, Joseph Allen Maldonado-Passage, better known as Joe Exotic. Life at the Maldonado-Passage National Park in Oklahoma was a turning point Tiger King, but — with the exception of a few videos from prison — he is no longer the center of the show. Also the lack is a central location, except for confusion due to confusion.

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