Netflix publishes the top 10 video lists on TV and video

When Netflix launched a television commercial, it helped to kill traditional TV shows. Now, the company says it wants to bring them back, as: The download giant is starting to publish a series of popular TV shows and videos, which will change every week.

Most of Netflix’s content will be self-explanatory website, whereas it will have the top 10 lists that place positions based on the number of hours the company’s subscribers have been watching. The company will have a global network of TV and video producers, as well as the top 10 lists of 90 different countries. Netflix has also said it will bring accounting firm Ernst & Young to review its numbers, and will release a report from the company next year.

That doesn’t affect how you view Netflix – unless you follow the way other people view Netflix. Which, to be fair, some people are.

Here are some examples of what Netflix might look like – these charts show Netflix’s global viewing in the second week of November, and include Netflix’s assets and features that other companies allow:

Another advertising company that publishes its views is not always the same as the old world of TV, though Nielsen constantly monitored his view of all TV shows and made information available everywhere.

But we are no longer living in that country. Instead, watching movies is divided into different categories of advertising for different companies, which select the audience to share when they think they have a boast.

Netflix is ​​no different from its competitors in this regard: It puts these new numbers because they think they are showing better on Netflix.

And while these numbers may be interesting to you, The Man Who Watches Netflix, these numbers only look professional. This includes investors, who want to see if the billions of dollars that Netflix is ​​spending on converted items are being turned into People Watch (note that the two Top 10 lists above are managed by Netflix products instead of rentals). It also refers to Hollywood talent, which seeks to ensure that the products they produce on Netflix are overseen by a large number of people.

The numbers also represent a problem that has not been mentioned in competing promotional games such as Disney +, Hulu, and Peacock: We encourage you to print your numbers using the same method because we bet that they are smaller than ours. It is also worth noting that the majority of audiences on social media platforms – advertisers who want to know where to spend their money – are not true here, since Netflix does not advertise.

Netflix used to keep all of its shows, and at first was frustrated when outsiders tried to measure the shows on their own. But two years ago, it started picking and releasing its numbers from time to time – always that pleases the company.

The figures were also denigrated by rivals and opponents. This is partly because there was no real coverage of the reports, and in part because of the obscure Netflix and changing the meaning of what the “view” is. Earlier Netflix said the idea came up if someone watched 70 percent of the TV show; The company then redesigned this and everyone who watched the two minutes of the show is counted as a viewer.

Now, Netflix is ​​just following the time viewers spend, in public, with a show or video. This means, in a sense, that two people are watching Red Notification, his obscure but popular film in which Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Ryan Reynolds, and Gal Gadot, count as much as one person who watches a movie twice.

So let’s say Netflix makes a Red Notification follow. (Pro: The movie, which is said to have cost $ 200 million, must have been Netflix’s attempt to make its own work; Con: Looks like it looks like it was made information less than $ 200 million.) But with the new numbers released by Netflix, you won’t have to rely on wordless bragging like this to see if it’s a good idea:

On the other hand, consumer attraction behind the entertainment portraits they eat does not guarantee success. We used to watch TV programs and movies without knowing how many people were watching, and it was good. Feel free to ignore all of this.

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