How To Install M.2 SSD To Increase Your PS5 Internal Storage

Do not worry if it will take you a while to do this. I failed to do it twice before I set it right, and it all comes down to the right-hand corner and turns it off properly.

Step 5: Remove the Slot Extension Cover with SSD Screw

It’s time to dump her and move on. Start by removing the large metal cover on the left side of your PS5, next to the burner.

Using your screwdriver — and the good ol ‘lefty loosey, strong mind; in other words, turn directly — remove the small spoiler over the cover and set it aside right now. Be careful when removing it to make sure it does not fall inside the fan. Open the cover on the edge of your PS5 to remove the cap, pull it out and set it aside.

When the cover is removed, you will see a green spot with five holes. Depending on the size of the SSD you purchased, you will use one of these holes to secure your car to the PS5.

First, remove the SSD screw at the highest point (110) and set it aside, but keep it until now. Under the screw, you will see a silver spacer that looks like a silver ring. This spacer is used to ensure that your SSD fits snugly with the surrounding board. If you do not already know the size of your SSD, try a green area (with metal screens looking at you with a hole in the top) to see where the spacer should be located. spacer in this hole.

Step 6: Upgrade SSD

To install your SSD you need to pair its connecting prongs, which are supposed to face you, with the PS5 board. The simplest way to do this is to tilt the SSD slightly, so that the top (when damaged) is much higher than the bottom. Next, firmly hold the SSD in the board until you hear it crash.

Next, press the top of the SSD down so that the hole at the top corresponds to the hole you placed the spacer. Build an SSD by twisting the spoiler in the spacer.

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