Facebook Reality Labs Haptic Gloves: Details, Notes, Release Date

Already in front of Facebook legally also called itself Meta-a sign to the world that it is growing in real and more sophisticated technology – the company has begun to unveil the major components that are expected. metaverse.

His Meta Quest 2 (née Oculus Quest 2) was already considered one of the best Wireless VR headsets are available. Recently, officials from Meta Reality Labs, the company’s research and development agency, revealed a handmade which translates electronic signals into digital commands with the “Project Cambria” earphone that is supposed to support real avatars and high-level tracking.

Now, a company that has social issues – because it’s still a social media company, and it is still controversial– reveals one of the future features of VR. This time it’s a haptic glove designed to give the wearer a feeling that captures the weight and feel of real objects when held in the air. Hold on to these gloves, and you can be sure that you are holding a real object (or something next to it), even if the object is actually digital.

Sean Keller of Reality Labs wears haptic gloves.Photo: Facebook Reality Labs

Michael Abrash, senior scientist at Meta Reality Labs, and Sean Keller, director of research science at Labs, say the haptic gloves have been in operation for several years and are yet to be released to the public. But it is another part of the larger AR / VR image of Meta, where the form and the words and touches are intertwined to make the digital world look clearer.

“What we’re trying to do is find a way to help you get your hands on something,” says Abrash. “This is an important part and one of the most difficult, long-term risks, but when this happens, then VR can be a place where you can do whatever you can.”

All Hands

The problem Meta is trying to tackle is real in VR, which other companies have also done. Cut to the head of VR, and removed from the real world. Ride on a VR head and follow the inside — a term often used to describe sensors and cameras that capture the environment around you — and move around in VR is much easier to master.

But when you try to use your hands to get real things, all the VR attraction goes down again. Suddenly he feels confused. The controls, like the ones sent by Quest 2, are good handwriters and allow you to watch menus or play games wearing earplugs. However, these are input tools most of the time and do not give you the smart answers you can get with your own hands.

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